Thursday, 5 July 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch3.7.12 @MyCentralMarket

Competetive  prices and high quality produce in the Central Market go hand in hand. But , whats in season at this frosty time of year?  Winter is the time we crave those beautiful summer fruits but for me, the joy of winter fruit is the lemon. The miracle of the lemon is how it has been adopted by all cultures to give a dish that special hit. From the sweet and sharp tang of a good lemon curd tart, to the delicious salty bite of the middle eastern preserved lemon, they are a joy.

Fruit and Veg
Bill Zaharis is a man on a mission in the fruit and veg business. This week Bill takes over Thompsons ,S26/27 and his  prices reflect that competitive edge with Pink Lady, Royal Gala, granny smith, golden delicious apples all $2kg. Pears and bananas also are $2kg. Keep an eye out for Bill's next store, Wills and Daniel. McMahons, S47, always buys premium grade produce and this week look for sweet potatoes, $3.99kg, iceberg lettuce are $1.99 each, butternut pumpkin is $2.49kg, baby cos lettuce are $1.50 each,  celeriac are $3.99 each and you cant miss the ruby flush of the D'Anjou pears for $2.99kg.

Coco's, S20/21, again for the unusual ingredient. Try snake beans for $3 bunch, thai eggplants are $12.99kg, fresh tumeric is $3 per 100gms, whole lotus root makes for a fantastic visual display in a dish and is $12.95kg. Alerting all chefs..Cocos has a stunning range of micro herbs for $4.99kg.

Meat, Poultry and Seafood
O'Connell's for finely sliced veal cutlets $13.99kg, braising beef steak is $9.99kg and ready  rolled tasty hamburgers are $6.99kg. Samtass Seafood, has large SA cooked king prawns for $17.95kg and cooked Alaska crab meat for $44.99kg. Marino Smallgoods on Gouger Street has the famous whole boned chicken, stuffed with vegetables and mozarella and his secret spices. Ask for Pollo All' Abruzzese at $17.50kg.  Pure Suffolk lamb from Feast Fine Foods, S15, is a must try. Butterfly leg is $22.99kg, lamb chops are $23.99kg and whole legs for roasting are $16.99 kg.

Dining in at the Market is a pleasure for choice. Visit Zedz Cafe, S2, for a deicious range of hot and tasty  soups served with either toasted Turkish bread or house made gluten free bread. This week the choices are pea and ham hock, beef potato paprikaš, Morrocan lentil or potato and leek. All $9.90. Must have is the pumpkin and chickpea curry, served with ryita and coconut rice for $14.90

Grind , S14, has a beautiful coffee bean to try. The Australian Skybury bean , grown in FNQ is 100% Arabica and tastes of the tropics in a smooth caramel. When Skybury coffee is roasted, the mucilage 'caramilises' and releases a sweet, chocolatey flavour.
$10.50 per 250gms

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