Friday, 14 September 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch @MyCentralMarket 14.9.12


Fruit and Veg

Warm weather makes good for spring health kicks. Aubergines, S57, has all the ingredients for great salads. Locally grown, washed red and green oak lettuce and baby spinach leaves are $15kg, Lisbon lemons, grown at Wakerie and large kiwi fruit  are four for $2, top quality bananas are $2.99kg and sweet little pinapples are two for $6. Thompson's, S26/27, has all the apples for $2 kg and navel oranges are $1kg. M&M's, S13, has a great range of fresh herbs including basil, rosemary, dill, thyme and mint all for $2 bunch. Rally all broad bean lovers at the House of Organics, S34/35, they are in season and back in store, also the new season asparagus is the go for $2.50 per 100gms

Meat and seafood

With show week on , quick dinner meals are the go. O'Connell's Butcher has Vietnamese style thin-cut pork chops ( perfect for  Bai moan sach chrouk or Broken rice with grilled pork chop) $6.99kg, or the thicker style marinated in tequila and lime at the same price. Tony's gluten free gluten free snags are lean a spiced with black pepper $8.99kg. Samtass Seafoods freshly made marinara mix is loaded with prawns, scallops, mussels, squid and fish is $19.99kg and makes the perfect spaghetti marinara.


The Yoghurt Shop, S67,  has a great new flavour, cranberry and shaved chocolate with their classic yoghurt. Jumbo tubs are $12.90 or two tubs for $22.90. Lucia's Fine Foods, WR3/4, made ricotta napoletana double cooked gnocchi this week,and the same gnocchi baked with pancetta, cream and fresh sage, $8.90 per- generous  tub.  Taste of Marrakech, S17, has an amazing range of delicious salads and pastries. The homemade samosas and curry puffs and gluten free  cauliflower balls are  all $3  plus  the GF masala fritters are yummy at $2.20 each  

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 22.8.12 @MyCentralMarket

Fruit and Veg

Con's Fruit and Veg, S52 has all his apple range at $2.50kg and sweet strawberries from QLD at two punnets for $5. Central Fresh, S49, has capsicums at $3.99 kg, carrots are $1.99kg, mandarins are $2.99kg and lady finger bananas are $3.49kg. If you want to make perfect chips, head to House of Organics, S34/35 and buy the Tasmanian Russet Burbank potatoes. $3.99kg,  Australia's #1 selling potato.

Meat, poultry and seafood

The  medal tally for two market stalls from the recent Meat Industry Council Awards  is staggering. San Jose at Sevenhill, S75, won 10 medals and is celebrating with a half price sale on prosciutto and Barossa Fine Foods, S60, took out eight Gold, seventeen Silver and nine Bronze Awards. Try the gold medal winning Mississippi gourmet sausage for $14.50kg. Feast Fine Foods, S15, has terrific Black Angus short cut ribs which are perfect for slow cooking and cost $14.99kg. Poultry Cuisine, S51, has fresh chicken wings at 2kg for $4 and chicken and vegie dim sims for $1 each. Samtass special this week is Huon Tasmanian salmon portions. Skin on, $24.90kg.

This week Breadz-n-More, S43, head up the dinner menu with home cooked lasagna and pasta dishes in take home 550gm  packs at three for $20. Great value and healthy  eating for a family or that quick meal for one or two.  Vegetarian versions are even tastier!  Tortellini Alla Panna ,the great Italian creamy dish is a favourite. Keeping up the Italian food theme, Marino Smallgoods, on Gouger, have the famous and tasty Saltimbocca Alla Marino with bocconcini, $21.99 kg

Mango is a fruit you either love or hate. Be sure to try the finely  sliced and dried Australian-grown mango at the House of Health, S73. Great chewy texture, sweet, aromatic and well priced makes me remember living in the tropics. $5.99 per 100gm bags.

Friday, 27 July 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 27.7.12 @MyCentralMarket

 Fruit and Veg
The late picked Pink Lady apples from Ashton are just superb from Aubergines, S57. Known as the Queen of apples, they are crisp with dense flesh and an excellent almost effervescent flavour , $3.99kg. Look for bananas $2.99kg, avocados are four for $2 and terrific strawberries are two punnets for $6. Go north to Michael's, S53, where oranges are $1kg, celery are $3 each, cauliflower are $3.50 each and fresh local ginger is $10kg. Seven Sisters, S 54, has all the apple range including fuji, pink lady, granny smith and royal gala all for $1.99kg. Coco's, S has blood oranges for $7.95kg, fresh cumquats for $14.95kg, Buddah's hands are $5.99 each and mangosteens are three for $5. Look for the monkey bananas hanging in bunches for $7.95kg. House of Organics, S34/35, has trevisio and radicchio for $3.50 each and the perfect roasting potato, royal blues are $4.99kg.
Meat and Poultry
Try the hottest pepperoni in SA from the Mettwurst Shop, S22  . The 'Firestarter' has  'Triple A' heat rating, so approach with caution. $6 pack. Beef Jerky is popular with flavours chilli, pepper or plain $8.50 per 100gms. Feast Fine Foods, S15, now give more details on where their products originate. This week special is South Devon beef, dry aged for 21 days, grain assisted and are an English breed renown for quality tasting beef. Rump is $35.99kg and rib-eye is $52kg. Tony O'Connell says SA pork is a good buy this week. The quality is superb, so try pork steak (no skin/bone) $12kg, bellies are $7.99kg and lean mince is $7kg.
Bakers Tray, S25, has fantastic chunky gourmet pies to heat and eat at home. Try the chunky steak, cheese and bacon , four for $14. Simon Bugeja, has a new summer tomatoe sauce, loaded with basil,  that is essential for the pantry. $6.95 per 490gm jar. Charlesworth Nuts , S70, sold 900kgs in the first week of new product, coconut in the rough..$7 for 350gms..tastes fantastic!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch @MyCentralMarket

Fruit and Veg
Con's, S52, is keeping prices down and quality up and strawberries lead the charge for $3.50 punnet. Large truss tomatoes are  $4.50kg, mandarines $3kg, whole cauliflower $3.50 each, broccoli $3.50kg, large avocados are three for $4 and sweet potatoes are $2.50kg.
Nick from Aubergines, S57, say banana prices will creep up this week towards $5, while strawberries, and avacados will stay low. Oranges are $3 for 3kg, fennel is $1.50 each and beetroot is $3.50 bunch. Cactus, S6, has butter beans for $11.99kg, snow peas $2.50 per 100gms, baby leeks $3 per bunch, Eco bananas are $3.99kg and the beautiful savoy cabbages are $3.95 each.

Meat , poultry and seafood
Con's Smallgoods, S18 has mild 'Trevisano' salami for $7each. Samtass Seafoods has a great special on Smoky Bay oysters. $20 buys two dozen fresh oysters with either cocktail or kilpatrick sauces thrown in. Sevenhill's, (S75), new owners José and Pascaline, are offering 10% off aged chorizo and deli cooked porchetta, both $35.95kg, while ready to cook porchetta is $18kg. Barossa Fine Foods, S60, has launched a new campaign that highlights the stores 'Best Kept Secrets'. Look for 'Top Value Cuts' labels and this week includes pork belly roast $11.99kg and beef bolar roast for $10.99kg.

Attention all vegans, House of Health, S73, has organic rice protein, perfect for smoothies, baking, energy balls or on your meusli. 750gms for $24.99. Leo's Cheese, S28/29, has Dutch gouda at $15.95 kg. Sun Mi, S1, makes the ultimate hot stone pot dish called Bimbimbab. A traditional Korean dish setved with miso soup and kimchi $12, or try Miyok Guk, a tasty rice dish with mussels and seaweed, $8.90. Smelly Cheese, S44, has the King of all cheeses, Fromage Berthaut 'Epoisses', a creamy and very stinky washed rind cheese, $27.50 each.

Always left out in market banter is the Camera House, Shop 5. Luke Bulley's special this week is 'Spend $2 and recieve ten, 4"x6" prints free of charge.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 12.7.12 @MyCentralMarket

The cakes at Providore, S66, have become more tempting each day. Try the new Persian Love Cake, a sweet and heady mix of pistachios, almonds, cardamom, nutmeg and yoghurt. $36 each
"Australian Gourmet Traveller by Gerard Yaxley,

“This cake has a nutty, caramel-flavoured base, and is topped by a creamy, nutty filling. The texture is not really cake-like – it is more like a cross between a streusel and a pudding. It is moist and almost melt-in-the-mouth, while the edge of the cake is caramelised and crispy."

Fruit and Veg
Central Fruiters, S49, are always great for keeping prices down. This week, SA brown onions, (Murraylands and the Mallee are in the top onion producing regions in Australia), are $1.29kg, lemons, our winter favourite are $2.99kg, corella pears have mild flavoured soft juicy white flesh with greenish-yellow red tinged skin and are great in salads and on cheese boards, $2.49 kg, kiwi fruit are ten for $2 and fresh ginger is $7.99kg. Aubergines, S57, has sweet and juicy mandarines $3kg, avocados are five for $2, USA cherries are $14.99kg and bananas are $1.99kg. Michael's, S53, has some hot $4kg specials that include capsicums, Lebanese cucumbers, eggplant and zucchini. Riverland navel oranges are also a red hot price at $1kg. House of Organics, 34/35, has beautiful blood oranges this week, $5.99kg, red turnip bunches are $3.99 and ruby grapefruit are $4.99kg.

Meat , Seafood and Poultry

Poultry Cuisine, S51, has Murphy's Crossing eggs for $3.90 doz. The free range eggs are locally produced in Wasleys, SA by a family owned and operated business since 1959. Chicken marylands are 2kg for $4.50 and wings are 2kg for $4. Marinos Smallgoods on the Gouger Street end, are the ultimate in Italian meats and smallgoods.

 Try Spiedini Marino( rolled and skewered morsels) $3 each, Spanish chorizo salami is $19.95 kg and the giant alfresco burgers are large enough for two, $15.50kg. Samtass, has the big freezer sale on again. Purchace any 4kilos for $50, and mix and match is fine. Choose from barramundi, flathead, prawn cutlets, garfish fillets and more.

Spice Road is a unique range of spice pastes that capture the essence of 10 exciting cuisines from around the world. Spice Road was created by Lucy Uppill, owner of Jagger Fine Foods,S38. Try the Take the Spice Road to Thailand for authentic Thai soups, curries, noodles, fishcakes, dressings and sauces.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch3.7.12 @MyCentralMarket

Competetive  prices and high quality produce in the Central Market go hand in hand. But , whats in season at this frosty time of year?  Winter is the time we crave those beautiful summer fruits but for me, the joy of winter fruit is the lemon. The miracle of the lemon is how it has been adopted by all cultures to give a dish that special hit. From the sweet and sharp tang of a good lemon curd tart, to the delicious salty bite of the middle eastern preserved lemon, they are a joy.

Fruit and Veg
Bill Zaharis is a man on a mission in the fruit and veg business. This week Bill takes over Thompsons ,S26/27 and his  prices reflect that competitive edge with Pink Lady, Royal Gala, granny smith, golden delicious apples all $2kg. Pears and bananas also are $2kg. Keep an eye out for Bill's next store, Wills and Daniel. McMahons, S47, always buys premium grade produce and this week look for sweet potatoes, $3.99kg, iceberg lettuce are $1.99 each, butternut pumpkin is $2.49kg, baby cos lettuce are $1.50 each,  celeriac are $3.99 each and you cant miss the ruby flush of the D'Anjou pears for $2.99kg.

Coco's, S20/21, again for the unusual ingredient. Try snake beans for $3 bunch, thai eggplants are $12.99kg, fresh tumeric is $3 per 100gms, whole lotus root makes for a fantastic visual display in a dish and is $12.95kg. Alerting all chefs..Cocos has a stunning range of micro herbs for $4.99kg.

Meat, Poultry and Seafood
O'Connell's for finely sliced veal cutlets $13.99kg, braising beef steak is $9.99kg and ready  rolled tasty hamburgers are $6.99kg. Samtass Seafood, has large SA cooked king prawns for $17.95kg and cooked Alaska crab meat for $44.99kg. Marino Smallgoods on Gouger Street has the famous whole boned chicken, stuffed with vegetables and mozarella and his secret spices. Ask for Pollo All' Abruzzese at $17.50kg.  Pure Suffolk lamb from Feast Fine Foods, S15, is a must try. Butterfly leg is $22.99kg, lamb chops are $23.99kg and whole legs for roasting are $16.99 kg.

Dining in at the Market is a pleasure for choice. Visit Zedz Cafe, S2, for a deicious range of hot and tasty  soups served with either toasted Turkish bread or house made gluten free bread. This week the choices are pea and ham hock, beef potato paprikaš, Morrocan lentil or potato and leek. All $9.90. Must have is the pumpkin and chickpea curry, served with ryita and coconut rice for $14.90

Grind , S14, has a beautiful coffee bean to try. The Australian Skybury bean , grown in FNQ is 100% Arabica and tastes of the tropics in a smooth caramel. When Skybury coffee is roasted, the mucilage 'caramilises' and releases a sweet, chocolatey flavour.
$10.50 per 250gms

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 27.6.12 @foodtoursSA @MyCentralMarket

Farewell to Waldec at Sevenhill Stall who has been and integral part of the cultural diversity of the Central Market for the past 27 years. Many customers from Poland, Holland, Germany and Switzerland will miss the culinary connection of  traditional products sold at Sevenhill. Thanks for all those years of great food Waldec.

Fruit and Veg
Depth  of winter means an abundance of oranges, lemons, mandarins, pears and apples. Fantastic quality and price in the market this week. Pick-me-Fresh, S30/31, has pears, pinklady apples, grannysmith, fuji and golden delicious apples all for $1.99kg.  Also seedless crimson grapes for $3 per 750gm bag and bunches of bokchoy for $1.50 each. Michael's, S53 has Riverland oranges for $1kg, Imperial mandarins (at their best) for $3kg, baby beetroot $2.50 per bunch, brown onions are $2kg and butternut pumpkins are $2 each. Aubergines, S57, has great strawberries for $3.50 per punnet, bananas from Darwin are $1.99kg, Murraylands iceberg lettuce are $1.50 and local rhubarb is $9.99kg.

Meat, poultry and seafood
The Smoky Bay oysters from Samtass are stunning. This week the price starts at $10.99 per dozen and are freshly shucked. Also try the freshly coated salt and pepper squid ($21.99kg) for an easy and delicious meal.  Go to Feast Fine Foods, S15, for Coorong Angus beef cheeks ($19.99kg) for a long slow cookup and the Limestone Coast grass fed veal rib eye steak ($39.99kg) for the real veal meal!

A best seller at Vegas Poultry, S62, is the chicken and vegetable dim sim. Best steamed or fried and served with a spicy soy and chilli dipping  sauce, they are a great price at five for $5.

Gluten free and vegetarian cauliflower patties are $3 each, fried haloumi fritters are $6 each and felafels are $2.50 each from the House of Marrakech, S17. For all things Mexican go to Jagger, S38.  Chill Mojo has six varieties of spicy chillies, Mexican chocloate is $2.50 per block, annatto seeds are $3.60 bag and Mole Pablano spice mix will give you that authentic taste. ($5.50 bag).

Scare off the winter chill with Red Dragon ginger beer made in Lismore, NSW. Certified organic, naturally brewed and comes with a fiery fresh ginger kick that warms you to the bone. $4.99 bottle, House of Health, S73.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 12.6.12 @MyCentralMarket

After 17 years of baking  quiches, cakes and the famed quandong pies, Doyley's Patisserie has closed the shutters for the last time. Assaggio will re-open the stall specialising in gluten free foods.

Waldemar Wojtas has owned and operated Sevenhill, S75, for 29 years is also on the move. Sevenhill has new owners, who will introduce their own range of smallgoods called San Jose. Starting Thursday Sevenhill has a stock sale of 10% off all products.

Fruit and Veg

McMahon's, S 47 kicks off the week with great prices. Pink Ladys and mandarins are  $3.99kg, baby Hass avocados are five for $2, Brussel sprouts are $6.99kg and peas in the pod are $9.99kg. Con's, S52, has ruby seedless grapes at $5kg, truss tomatoes  are $3.50kg, large cauliflowers are $3.50 each, navel oranges are $3 for 3kg., kiwi fruit five for $2 and lemons five for $1.

Meat and Seafood

Barossa Fine Foods, S60 , for diced wagyu beef for beef bourguignon, $20.50 kg or beef Girella, a roast rolled in seeded mustard and pancetta,  $16.99kg. Jumbo mettwursts at the  Mettwurst  Shop, S22 are traditional garlic weighing in at 2kg and cost $25 each. O'Connell's, keep up the warming roasts with red wine and garlic beef roast, $10kg and tequilla and lime roast pork (no fat, no bone, no skin) $11.90. Feast Fine Foods, S15 for awesome Rangers Valley Angus beef  rib eye roast,  with a marble score of 3-4, is hormone free and $54.99kg.

Samtass has live mud crabs for $29.99kg


Lunch on home cook, Rene Duncan's famous Scotch broth served hot in a cup, $4.50 or the filled Malaysian roti , murtabak, with either beef or spinach and capsicum $5.50 each at Gourmet To Go, S42.


Zedz Cafe, S2,  menu special this week is a delicious sprouted lentil burger with their famous onion jam, tomatoes and rocket on a turkish bun, $12.90 follow with Hummingbird cake (pineapple, pecans, bananas with cream cheese frosting) $4.50.

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