Wednesday, 27 June 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 27.6.12 @foodtoursSA @MyCentralMarket

Farewell to Waldec at Sevenhill Stall who has been and integral part of the cultural diversity of the Central Market for the past 27 years. Many customers from Poland, Holland, Germany and Switzerland will miss the culinary connection of  traditional products sold at Sevenhill. Thanks for all those years of great food Waldec.

Fruit and Veg
Depth  of winter means an abundance of oranges, lemons, mandarins, pears and apples. Fantastic quality and price in the market this week. Pick-me-Fresh, S30/31, has pears, pinklady apples, grannysmith, fuji and golden delicious apples all for $1.99kg.  Also seedless crimson grapes for $3 per 750gm bag and bunches of bokchoy for $1.50 each. Michael's, S53 has Riverland oranges for $1kg, Imperial mandarins (at their best) for $3kg, baby beetroot $2.50 per bunch, brown onions are $2kg and butternut pumpkins are $2 each. Aubergines, S57, has great strawberries for $3.50 per punnet, bananas from Darwin are $1.99kg, Murraylands iceberg lettuce are $1.50 and local rhubarb is $9.99kg.

Meat, poultry and seafood
The Smoky Bay oysters from Samtass are stunning. This week the price starts at $10.99 per dozen and are freshly shucked. Also try the freshly coated salt and pepper squid ($21.99kg) for an easy and delicious meal.  Go to Feast Fine Foods, S15, for Coorong Angus beef cheeks ($19.99kg) for a long slow cookup and the Limestone Coast grass fed veal rib eye steak ($39.99kg) for the real veal meal!

A best seller at Vegas Poultry, S62, is the chicken and vegetable dim sim. Best steamed or fried and served with a spicy soy and chilli dipping  sauce, they are a great price at five for $5.

Gluten free and vegetarian cauliflower patties are $3 each, fried haloumi fritters are $6 each and felafels are $2.50 each from the House of Marrakech, S17. For all things Mexican go to Jagger, S38.  Chill Mojo has six varieties of spicy chillies, Mexican chocloate is $2.50 per block, annatto seeds are $3.60 bag and Mole Pablano spice mix will give you that authentic taste. ($5.50 bag).

Scare off the winter chill with Red Dragon ginger beer made in Lismore, NSW. Certified organic, naturally brewed and comes with a fiery fresh ginger kick that warms you to the bone. $4.99 bottle, House of Health, S73.

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