Thursday, 19 July 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch @MyCentralMarket

Fruit and Veg
Con's, S52, is keeping prices down and quality up and strawberries lead the charge for $3.50 punnet. Large truss tomatoes are  $4.50kg, mandarines $3kg, whole cauliflower $3.50 each, broccoli $3.50kg, large avocados are three for $4 and sweet potatoes are $2.50kg.
Nick from Aubergines, S57, say banana prices will creep up this week towards $5, while strawberries, and avacados will stay low. Oranges are $3 for 3kg, fennel is $1.50 each and beetroot is $3.50 bunch. Cactus, S6, has butter beans for $11.99kg, snow peas $2.50 per 100gms, baby leeks $3 per bunch, Eco bananas are $3.99kg and the beautiful savoy cabbages are $3.95 each.

Meat , poultry and seafood
Con's Smallgoods, S18 has mild 'Trevisano' salami for $7each. Samtass Seafoods has a great special on Smoky Bay oysters. $20 buys two dozen fresh oysters with either cocktail or kilpatrick sauces thrown in. Sevenhill's, (S75), new owners José and Pascaline, are offering 10% off aged chorizo and deli cooked porchetta, both $35.95kg, while ready to cook porchetta is $18kg. Barossa Fine Foods, S60, has launched a new campaign that highlights the stores 'Best Kept Secrets'. Look for 'Top Value Cuts' labels and this week includes pork belly roast $11.99kg and beef bolar roast for $10.99kg.

Attention all vegans, House of Health, S73, has organic rice protein, perfect for smoothies, baking, energy balls or on your meusli. 750gms for $24.99. Leo's Cheese, S28/29, has Dutch gouda at $15.95 kg. Sun Mi, S1, makes the ultimate hot stone pot dish called Bimbimbab. A traditional Korean dish setved with miso soup and kimchi $12, or try Miyok Guk, a tasty rice dish with mussels and seaweed, $8.90. Smelly Cheese, S44, has the King of all cheeses, Fromage Berthaut 'Epoisses', a creamy and very stinky washed rind cheese, $27.50 each.

Always left out in market banter is the Camera House, Shop 5. Luke Bulley's special this week is 'Spend $2 and recieve ten, 4"x6" prints free of charge.

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