Friday, 27 July 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 27.7.12 @MyCentralMarket

 Fruit and Veg
The late picked Pink Lady apples from Ashton are just superb from Aubergines, S57. Known as the Queen of apples, they are crisp with dense flesh and an excellent almost effervescent flavour , $3.99kg. Look for bananas $2.99kg, avocados are four for $2 and terrific strawberries are two punnets for $6. Go north to Michael's, S53, where oranges are $1kg, celery are $3 each, cauliflower are $3.50 each and fresh local ginger is $10kg. Seven Sisters, S 54, has all the apple range including fuji, pink lady, granny smith and royal gala all for $1.99kg. Coco's, S has blood oranges for $7.95kg, fresh cumquats for $14.95kg, Buddah's hands are $5.99 each and mangosteens are three for $5. Look for the monkey bananas hanging in bunches for $7.95kg. House of Organics, S34/35, has trevisio and radicchio for $3.50 each and the perfect roasting potato, royal blues are $4.99kg.
Meat and Poultry
Try the hottest pepperoni in SA from the Mettwurst Shop, S22  . The 'Firestarter' has  'Triple A' heat rating, so approach with caution. $6 pack. Beef Jerky is popular with flavours chilli, pepper or plain $8.50 per 100gms. Feast Fine Foods, S15, now give more details on where their products originate. This week special is South Devon beef, dry aged for 21 days, grain assisted and are an English breed renown for quality tasting beef. Rump is $35.99kg and rib-eye is $52kg. Tony O'Connell says SA pork is a good buy this week. The quality is superb, so try pork steak (no skin/bone) $12kg, bellies are $7.99kg and lean mince is $7kg.
Bakers Tray, S25, has fantastic chunky gourmet pies to heat and eat at home. Try the chunky steak, cheese and bacon , four for $14. Simon Bugeja, has a new summer tomatoe sauce, loaded with basil,  that is essential for the pantry. $6.95 per 490gm jar. Charlesworth Nuts , S70, sold 900kgs in the first week of new product, coconut in the rough..$7 for 350gms..tastes fantastic!

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