Wednesday, 6 June 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 6/6/12 @MyCentralMarket

The winds of change are rustling through the market and after 17 years of baking amazing quiches, cakes and the famed quandong pies, Doyley's Patisserie has closed the shutters for the last time. Assaggio will re-open the stall specialising in gluten free foods.

Waldemar Wojtas has owned and operated Sevenhill, S75, for 29 years is also on the move. Sevenhill has new owners, who will introduce their own range of smallgoods called San Jose. Starting Thursday Sevenhill has a stock sale of 10% off all imported products.

Fruit and Veg

The lettuces at Cactus, S6, are beautiful this week. Mignonette, cos, red and green oak are all $2.50 each. Brown onions are $1.99, white onions $3.99 and radicchio are $3 each. Coco,s, S20/21, has a new version of broccoli called broccoflower. Grown at Currency Creek, its lime green and costs $5.95 for a large head. Kohl rabi are $2 each and QLD stawberries are best quality but $4.95 punnet. Ripe, S61, has tangeloes $1.99 kg, leeks three stems for $2, fennel bulbs two for $5, carrots and mandarins are both $1.99kg.

Meat , poultry and seafood

The long weekend specials at O'Connells are beef ribs and osso bucco, both $10kg, bacon bones are $3.99 kg and Tony says he has plenty of oxtails if you are searching for them. Vegas , S62, has two new skinless chicken breast fillet  stir-fry flavours. Honey and soy and Thai King,  both are $9.99 per 500gms. Samtass, have yummy prepared salt and pepper squid for $21.99kg, Atlantic salmon fillets are $29.99kg and ocean trout fillets are $27.90kg. Feast Fine Foods, S15, suggests slow cooking their beef shins ($11.99kg) with red wine, stock or Guinness for four hours for the perfect hearty winter meal.


House of Health , S73, has GO YO Yoghurt. The yoghurt is dairy, vegan, and gluten free, comes in four flavours and is $10.55 for 400gm tubs. Grind, S14, has a great new coffee bean from Rwanda Nkora Ranges. The beans are 100% arabica, have floral aromatics and acidity and costs $11 for 250gms

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