Wednesday, 13 June 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 12.6.12 @MyCentralMarket

After 17 years of baking  quiches, cakes and the famed quandong pies, Doyley's Patisserie has closed the shutters for the last time. Assaggio will re-open the stall specialising in gluten free foods.

Waldemar Wojtas has owned and operated Sevenhill, S75, for 29 years is also on the move. Sevenhill has new owners, who will introduce their own range of smallgoods called San Jose. Starting Thursday Sevenhill has a stock sale of 10% off all products.

Fruit and Veg

McMahon's, S 47 kicks off the week with great prices. Pink Ladys and mandarins are  $3.99kg, baby Hass avocados are five for $2, Brussel sprouts are $6.99kg and peas in the pod are $9.99kg. Con's, S52, has ruby seedless grapes at $5kg, truss tomatoes  are $3.50kg, large cauliflowers are $3.50 each, navel oranges are $3 for 3kg., kiwi fruit five for $2 and lemons five for $1.

Meat and Seafood

Barossa Fine Foods, S60 , for diced wagyu beef for beef bourguignon, $20.50 kg or beef Girella, a roast rolled in seeded mustard and pancetta,  $16.99kg. Jumbo mettwursts at the  Mettwurst  Shop, S22 are traditional garlic weighing in at 2kg and cost $25 each. O'Connell's, keep up the warming roasts with red wine and garlic beef roast, $10kg and tequilla and lime roast pork (no fat, no bone, no skin) $11.90. Feast Fine Foods, S15 for awesome Rangers Valley Angus beef  rib eye roast,  with a marble score of 3-4, is hormone free and $54.99kg.

Samtass has live mud crabs for $29.99kg


Lunch on home cook, Rene Duncan's famous Scotch broth served hot in a cup, $4.50 or the filled Malaysian roti , murtabak, with either beef or spinach and capsicum $5.50 each at Gourmet To Go, S42.


Zedz Cafe, S2,  menu special this week is a delicious sprouted lentil burger with their famous onion jam, tomatoes and rocket on a turkish bun, $12.90 follow with Hummingbird cake (pineapple, pecans, bananas with cream cheese frosting) $4.50.

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