Wednesday, 30 May 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 30.5.12 @MyCentralMarket

Fruit and Veg

The cold wet snap in Queensland will push banana prices up over the next few weeks but market  prices now are still generally under $2kg. Bananas at Central Market Fruiters, S49,  are $1.29kg, kiwi fruit are ten for $2, fresh husked coconuts are $1.99 each and fennel bulbs are perfect eating now for $1.49 each. Need something a little more exotic?Mushroom Man , S68, has handpicked Adelaide Hills porcini for $120kg and pine mushrooms for $30kg. Aubergines, S57 has perfect Hass avocados , four for $2, new season local strawberries , two punnets for $6, new season navel oranges are $3.35 for 3kg bags and always sweet mandarins, this week are $3.99kg.

Meat , poultry and seafood

A must-buy from Samtass on Gouger Street,  is medium size,  King George whiting fillets for $39.9kg, whole calamari are $22.99kg and hake fillets are $18.99kg.   Go to Feast Fine Foods, S15,  for short cut beef ribs $14.99 kg and slow cook some beef cheeks for $19.99kg. Tony O'Connell says pork steaks are  the way to go for $11.99 with no bone and  no waste. For curries use diced pork, $9.95kg and for  roasts try pork pancetta $11.99kg.  Vegas, S62, has free range chicken chops (bone in) $14.99kg and the new gourmet  (and gluten free) chicken, spinach and mushroom rolls,  four for $19


Cons Fine Foods, S18/19, has a great deal on Jarlsberg cheese this week. Good sized wedges are two for $8, Australian cows milk fetta  is $12.95kg, sheeps milk Greek fetta is $21.50kg and the creamiest Danish fetta is $8.95kg.

Leo's Cheese, S28/29 has the new Italian sheep milk pecorino in four  flavours. Truffle, pear, walnut or straw. $31.95kg.


The Coffee Bean Shop, S58,  has new owners and new products. Try organic Honduras fair-trade and single origin beans $10 for 250gms and the house special is a arabica and robusta blend of four beans. $6.50 for 250gms.   

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