Wednesday, 9 May 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 8.5.12

Fruit and Veg

You can always find something new and tasty at House of Organics, S34/35. Try the heirloom purple radishes for $3.99kg or the new season chestnuts for $5 bag. Organic carrots are 4.50 bunch , fennel is magic at this time $1.99 each, fresh pimento are $5.99kg, spaghetti squash are $3.99kg and brilliant looking celery bunches for $3.99 each. Cocos's, S20/21, also are home to the unusual with a tropical twist. Fejoa are $7.95kg, jicama   (great in salads and stir-fry) are $12.95kg, kiwano are $3.95 each and the huge banana bells are $8.95kg.



Gourmet ranges get better each week. Visit Say Cheese, S46, and try balsamic ccoked onions (125gm- $4), roasted mushrooms (150gm-$4), Sicilian olives in brine (200gm-$5), Kangaroo Island fetta ($40.95kg), KI haloumi is $42.95kg and Coriole aged sweet vinegar is $11.95-250ml.

Breadz-n-More, S , has two new breads. The sunflower and linseed light rye sourdough is $5.20 and a rustic French stick is $2.80 each. Taste of Marrakech has spicy harissa paste for $6 per tub, zatar bread $5 each and the king of spice mixes, ras elhanout $7 -100gms.

Seafood and meats

Samtass on Gouger St has whole cooked yabbies for $19.99kg, sliver whiting fillets for $29.99kg and marinated sardine fillets for $5.9-100gms. A must try are the San Marino Smallgoods alfresco burgers for $15.50kg, traditional bolognese mix in 500gm bags, $6.99, pork and veal mince is $14.99kg and asado (beef ribs) are $13.49kg.


The complete range of  L'Abruzzese pasta includes more than twelve types of fresh egg pasta. Flavours and styles include tomato, squid ink, penne rigate, wholemeal pappardelle and durum wheat semolina are all $4 per pack at Jaggers, S38.

Fair Trade chocolate is available from Providore, S66. Three flavours of organic Belgian milk or dark chocolate, supplied by Oxfam Australia,  are in 100gm blocks for $4.50 each.

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