Wednesday, 23 May 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 22.5.12 @MyCentralMarket

Fruit and Veg

Strawberry prices have gone through the roof this week due to season and weather but will come down in a few weeks.
Bananas are cheap and are tasting great. Michael's, S53, has bananas at $1.50kg, also new season persimmons $5kg, Australian ginger is $10kg and SA navel oranges are coming into season and are $1.50kg or three kilos for $4. All the produce at Central Organics, S72, has been  certified as organic. The bags of rocket are $3.50 each, Riverland oranges are $4kg, whole cauliflowers are $6 each and locally grown garlic from Salisbury is $3.50 per 100gms.

Meat and Poultry

Barrosa Fine Foods, S60, is trialling an  American pork cut called pigs wings. The wings are in fact the shank and perfect for slow cooking and roasts , $14.99kg. For a snack try their finger sized salami called Louis X1V, $29.99kg and for that quick meal , try the Barossa lamb yiros for $18.50kg. O'Connell's Butcher has all the winter warmers at great prices. Osso bucco $9.99kg, braising steak $9.99kg, diced lamb $14.99kg and beef cheeks $13.99. All the poultry at Poultry Cuisine, S51, is Halal and certified hormone and antibiotic free.


Udon fish broth and noodles ($7.90) are a must try at Sun Mi, S1, accompanied by buck wheat , black bean or black rice tea ($2.50). Non alcoholic German malt beer, Kaiserdom, is available as single 330ml bottles $3.80 each or $21.90 per six pack and Madagascar vanilla beans are two for $5 at Sevenhill, S75.


Meander Valley clotted cream is  made using a traditional technique from Cornwell and Devon in the UK and has the perfect balance of textures with a sweet, rich flavour.  The Meander Valley Dairy  is nestled in the central north of Tasmania and the delicious cream is available from Lucias Fine Foods 200ml tubs $8.50 each.

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