Wednesday, 7 March 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 7.3.12

Fruit and Veg
Remember the real flavour of grapes? McMahon's, S47, has sultanna grapes from Robinvale, that are just like the ones grown in the backyard. They are small and sweet and cost $5.99kg. Try Steph's baby Aussie Gold pineapples two for $7 and butternut pumpkins are $1.89kg.
Fuji and pink ladys are new season apples at Ripe, S61. Also mid-season royal galas and sundowners plus granny smith are all $4.99kg. Mangos are two for $5, watermelon is $1.49kg, bananas are .99c kg, and honeydew melons are $1.99kg. Visit Cactus, S6, for strawberries , two punnets for $6, duchess pears $3.99kg, pickling onions are $2.49 kg and bunches of large leeks are $4 each. Steve at Central Organics, S72, sells only certified organic produce. The produce is labelled showing certification providing traceability back to the farms. Royal Gala apples from Forest Orchards are $8kg and big bunches of healthy spinach are $2.20 each.

Meat and Seafood
The Mettwurst Shop, S22, takes spicy to the next level. Try if your game the Fire Starters , $6 pack and the milder Bum Burners will work their magic for $2.20 each. Topside beef jerky is $8.50 for 100gms.
Samtass, GO46/48, have 4kg deals this week. Choose from ten different fish and pay $50 for 4kgs. These include Port Lincoln kingfish cutlets, Atlantic salmon cutlets, garfish fillets, and large whole raw SA king prawns. For tasty T-Bones, try Standom, S8/9. T-bones are $22.90 kg, veal eye fillets Re $17.95 kg and German landjaeger sausages are $26.70kg.

Cafe Zedz, S2, is a must for breakfast. The Bircher muesli is toasted oats loaded with apple, pear, apricots, dates, almonds and hazelnuts and topped with apple foam and the BLT is also ripper, both $12.90 each.

From the Barossa, Scullery Made is a range of four hand-blended teas, that are made using local fruits, herbs and flowers. Barossa oranges are used to make the Orange Earl, rosehips from Koonunga Hill are in the Wine & Rose blend and the Chocolate Marmalade contains orange zest, chunks of carob and Mexican cacao. $12.50 for 100gm packs from Gourmet To Go, S42

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