Thursday, 1 March 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 27.2.12


Fruit and Veg
Plums, grapes, mangoes, new season apples and stonefruit are all in full swing at the market and the first quinces are now available from Greensides, S56, for $3.99kg.
Central Fresh, S49, has the big heirloom tomatoes for $5.99kg, gold queen peaches are $1.99kg and 3kg bags of Valencia oranges are $3 each. Stall69 sets legendary displays of fruit and vegies each week and the great produce displayed is a reflection of the dedication from the Bugeja family. This week Stall69 has fresh shallots $2 for 100gms, bunches of baby beetroots fo $3.99 each and Montecute Valley peaches for $6.99kg. Montecute Valley Orchards are a family owned business in the Adelaide Hills, famed for growing cherries, lemons peaches and berries. Visit Lien Heng Asian Grocery on the western aisle for fresh and crunchy bean sprouts $1 per 350gm bags, enoki mushrooms are $2.60 for 200gms and a huge range of fresh herbs, including thai basil, sweet basil and kaffir limes leaves all $1.20 per bunch.
Meat and Poultry
Feast Fine Foods, S15, has the Mayura Station Signature Series Wagyu in store this week. Bred from Japanese Shimane and Tajima bloodlines and grain-fed for 500 days the scotch fillet has a fat score of 8+ and is $220.00 kg. Mayura Platinum Series bolar roasts has a fat score 5+ and is $35kg. Vegas Poultry, S62, introduces a new line this week. Chicken ribs marinated in paprika, chilli and mixed herbs and is $8.50 for 500gms.
O,Connell's Meats, GR47/49, has veal cutlets for $13.99 kg, fillet mignons are $5 each, skirt steak is $9.99kg and export quality beef long fillets for $25.99kg.
Try the new Costa Rica Tarrazu Estate coffee beans from Grind, S14. The beans are grown at high altitude, are 100% Arabica and make a smooth rich and flavoursome coffee. $10 for 250gms. Kate's Patisserie, S50, has handmade tandoori naan and Lebanese pita
for $2.70 each and Turkish pide for $3.70 each.
Buy scoops of French 'Echire' butter from Say Cheese, S46. The demi- salt butter is one of the icons of regional French gastronomy and owes its sensational flavour to the soils of the region. Sold by the scoop from 5kg baskets is $49.95kg.

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