Thursday, 15 March 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 15.3.12

Fruit and Veg

Fresh tarragon adds the finishing touch when making the reduction for hollandaise sauce and is beautifully presented in paper rolls at House of Organics, S34/35, for $1.50 each. Try Cardinal's Crown peppers for $2.99kg, super-juicy Ruby blood plums for $7.99kg and the crisp Beurre Blanc pears are great for poaching $4.99kg. Michael's, S53, has Australian grown garlic and asparagus for $2 each, Riverland white nectarines, blood plums and yellow peaches all for $4kg. Pomegranites are in season and a great price of three for $5,
Sinquar melons are $5.95 kg, nashi pears are $6.95kg and punnets of Kiwiberrys are $5.99 each from Coco's, S20/21. Bananas are an all time low price of 59 cents per kg, limes are three for $2, corn cobs are 89cents each and butternut pumpkin is $1.99kg from Pick-Me-Fresh, S49.

Meat and Poultry
This week Vegas Poultry, S62, launches the new and tasty honey mustard chicken ribs. They are easy to cook and easy on the pocket for $8.50 per 500gms. Everyone has their favourite bacon and Con's, S18, has a huge range on offer. Try the full length strips with rind on for $7.95kg. Marinos Meats on the Gouger St end has their bacon on special this week for $$7.99 kg. Check out the fantastic Braciola Alla Marino and ask for the cooking method..its a winner for $17.50kg. Tony O'Connell's on the Grote Street end has corned silverside, pickled pork and corned ox tongue all for $7.99kg and the delicious smoked mutton legs are $12.99kg.
Birmingham lad Paul McGeown makes cakes you just cant say no too. At his bakery 'Whisk', Paul makes amazing pavlova rolls, filled with choc-chips and berries and lashings of cream, or try the wattleseed and macadamia pav, doused with white chocolate. Dont stop there, the passionfruit and peach Daquoise is made with layers of hazelnut meringue, fruit purees and fresh cream and encased in ground pistachio nuts. $49 whole or $4.50 per slice at Providore, S66.

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