Friday, 30 March 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 28.3.12

Fruit and Veg

Planning meals for Easter couldn’t be easier with fresh Central Market produce. Aubergines, S57, has premium quality seedless grapes for $6.99kg, local strawberries are two punnets for $4 and new season local fuji, johnnies and gala apples are all $3.99kg. Local asparagus is two bunches for $5 and rockmelons are $2.99kg. House of Organics, S34/35, has rhubarb for $9.99kg, new season quinces for $4.99kg and spicy watermelon radish are $5.99kg. Pick-Me-Fresh, S30/31, has great Easter prices with eggplants and zucchini both $3.99kg, carrots $1.69kg, bananas $1.99kg and giant heads of cos lettuce for $2 each.

Meat, poultry and seafood
Samtass offers great Easter specials with smoked Tassie trout cutlets for $24.99kg and skinless Atlantic salmon for $19.99kg. Poultry Cuisine, S51, has fresh skinless chicken maryland legs 2kg for $4 and fresh leg fillets for $6.99kg. Barossa Fine Foods, S60, has their special Easter maple and cinnamon bacon packs 250gms for $6.99 and delicious looking T-Bones for $22.99kg. Tony O’Connell’s Butcher, has ox tongue and tail for $10kg and real osso bucco also is $10kg. Vegas, S62, has the best tasting certified organic chickens. Whole, the chooks are $14.99kg and in portion packs , ready to cook at individual prices.

Marco the Mushroom Man is happy to announce the new season Adelaide Hills wild porcini arrive in his store this week and if you haven’t tried them is the time. $12 per 100gms.
Breadz-n-More, S43, has Hot X Buns in packs of six for $7.50 and fresh daily baked chocolate croissants, danish and snails in a special of any three for $8.50. Sevenhill, S75 has the traditional German marzipan dark chocolate Easter eggs, large is $6.80 and small is $3.50.

Say Cheese, S46, has the sensational Fleuron Vache Brebis cheese this week. The cheese is made using cow and goat milk and is aged and sold as a semi hard cheese that is beautiful with fresh figs. $68.95kg.

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