Wednesday, 21 March 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 22.3.12

Fruit and Veg

Fruit in art dates back to the inner walls of the pyramids and  later the Greek and Romans used paintings of fruit to depict the luxurious lifestyle they enjoyed. The fruit in the market this week is so perfect it could well be used by the Dutch realists or for a Cezanne still life.

The large black globe tables, $5.79kg, at Coco's, S20, are sensational. Tangelos are bursting with juice,  $5.95kg, limes are five for $3. Greensides, S56, has corella pears , quinces, golden top plums all for $3.99kg and angelina and ruby blood plums for $4.99 kg. Central Fresh, S49, has peaches and nectarines for $2.99kg, fuji apples are $2.49kg, rockmelons are $2 each and giant caulies are $3.48 each.

Meat, poultry and seafood.

Con's, S20, has a great line up of pickled and smoked seafood. Mt Barker smoked salmon is $5.50 per 100gms, pickled octopus $5.50 per 100gms and pickled calamari is $3.10 per 100gms. Samtass Seafoods, SGO46, has fresh marlin fillets for $27.99kg, deep sea bream fillets for $24.99 kg and snapper cutlets for $34.99kg.

Greek or Moroccan  style marinated beef tri- tip rumps from Feast Fine Foods are perfect to BBQ and are $22.99kg and 'real McCoy' veal osso  bucco is $19.99kg. Poultry Cuisine, S51, fresh chicken wings  are 2kg for $4 and skinless chicken leg fillets are $6.99kg.


Cocktail leek and gruyere tarts are heavenly ($2ea) and ricotta and pesto muffins are $3 each from Dough, S45. Chocolate covered almonds, macadamias, pecans and cashews are in the Millionaires mix ($7.80 per 250gms)at Charlesworth Nuts, S70.


French food enthusiasts can now enjoy a wide range of French delicacies from Jagger, S38. Duck confit is $35.20 for 800gms, cassoulet is $30.40 for 800gms, duck rillets are $13.60 per 125gm tin, snails are $5.20 for 125gms and snail shells are six for $6. Enjoy these treats with traditional French La Gosse Limonade Artisanale for $6.70 per bottle.

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