Wednesday, 22 February 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 22.2.12

Fruit and Veg

Tropical fruits are always plentiful and unusual at Coco's , S20/21. Try rambutan in a fruit salad $2.50 for 100gms, green mango is $9.95kg, yellow sapotes are $8.95kg and Jicama are $9.95kg. Jicama, also known as Mexican Yam has a similar texture to apples and is usually eaten raw in salads or served  sliced with spicy salsa. House of Organics, S34/35, has sweet and plump O'Henry peaches for $7.99kg, candy cane beetroot for $4.99 bunch, red Dukka bananas for  $5.99 kg and keep an eye out for the bright red stems of the Swiss chard for $3.60 bunch. Thompson's, S26/27, has truss tomatoes for $2kg, Riverland seedless grapes for $4kg,  green beans are $2.50kg  and bunches of fine asparagus are $2.50 each. Peacharines are $4kg and bunches of fresh basil are $3 each. At McMahon's,S47, new season pink ladys are $4.99kg, lemons and limes are three for $2 and try the box set of six eco grown bananas for $2.99.

Meat and Poultry

Poultry Cuisine, S51, has fantastic prices this week on fresh chicken. Skinless leg fillets are  $6.99kg and chicken wings are 2kg for 44. Marino Smallgoods on Gouger Street end of the market have a special this week on hot casalinga. The sausage is made using only pork and spices and aged six weeks in natural casing. Whole or sliced is $20kg. Tony O'Connell's on the Grote Street end has hams that are smoked in the shop using beechwood and redgum.  Try the centre cut from the leg, in a vacuum bag for $20 each. Pork ribs are $14.99kg, honey-soy beef kebabs and souvlaki lamb kebabs make for fast and easy cooking this week and are $1 each.


House of Health, S73, has a superb range of 'superfoods 'to choose from. Chia seeds are said to  contain about 32 per cent omega-3 fats, which are essential for cardiovascular health  and are easily added to cereals, salads and soups. $18.99kg. other available superfoods are organic hulled hemp seed for $19.99 for 250gms and goji berries are $14.99kg. For the stunning Nelshaby capers and berries , go to Jagger S38 and freshly roasted garlic almonds from Carousel Nut Bar, S76 are $3.50 for 160gms

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