Friday, 10 February 2012

#Adelaide Central Market Watch 7.2.12

Fruit and Veg

Visit Rom at BillB's, S37, for eggplants, Lebanese cucumbers, yellow peaches, nectarines, plums, black Russian tomatoes and the good old brown onions all for $2.99 kg. Also little   bunches of the fiery small red chillies are $1 each. Stall 69, has bunches of dark currant grapes for $7.99kg and fantastic Panama passionfruit at three for $5.  The Panama passionfuit is a naturally occuring hybrid, is the size of a cricket ball and loaded with sweet flesh. Aubergines, S57, has bananas for $1.99kg, punnets of strawberries are two for $4, seedless white grapes are $3.99kg and premium iceberg lettuce are $1.50 each. Ripe, S61, for figs in a punnets, two for $4, watermelon is $1.99kg and rockmelons are $2 each.

Meat and Poultry

Tasmanian grass-fed beef rump is $9kg, corned silverside is $7.99kg and SA pork belly is $7.99 kg all from Tony O'Connell's Butcher. At Vegas Poultry, S62, Chicken koftas are 5 for $6 and  lightly crumbed chicken and vegetable  patties are 6 for $7.50.


Leo's Cheese, S28/29, has launched a new 'Cheese Bag' idea for people on the run. Each bag contains three wedges from a selection of cheeses including cheddar, white mould and blue. $15 each.

Breakfast at Zedz, S2, just gets better. Try ShakShuka, a filling serve of fried eggs with capsicum, caramelised onions on toasted turkish bread. $14.90


Marino Meat and Foodstores and Big Table team up this Friday  for a sensational deal. Marino's will cook their famous porchetta on a spit and cooked peices will be sold for takeaway or stay in and dine in style at Big Table, S39/40. Meals are $9.90 with salad and takeway porchetta is $35kg. Try a glass of wine from Taranga Wines. 6-8pm.


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