Thursday, 2 February 2012

Market Watch 2.2.12 #Adelaide Central Market

 Adelaide City Council has approved the creation of an Adelaide Central Market Authority, which will be responsible for the management of the market and the attached UPark car park.
Under this model the market will be run by an independent, self governing Board of Directors, working in the best interests of the market. The Authority is expected to be operating by July 2012. ACC has announced the Chair of the Authority is Judy Potter, former CEO of SA Great and current chair of the Adelaide Fringe.

House of Health, S73, has a fantastic range of raw, cold-pressed honey to choose from. They are mostly supplied in bulk so bring your own honey pot if you wish. Kangaroo Island sugar gum and Tasmanian Leatherwood are both $9.99kg, orange blossom is $8.99kg, bluegum is $7.20kg and Adelaide Hills jellybush honey is $7.99 kg. Doyley's, S41, has beautiful family sized vegetarian quiches for $17 each. Loaded with capsicum, spinach and mushrooms, they also do a version for bacon lovers.

Fruit and Veg
Stone fruit is in abundance in the market and quality and prices are terrific. Pick-Me-Fresh, S30/31, has yellow and white peaches, and yellow nectarines for $3.49 kg. McMahon's, S47, has black russian tomatoes for $5.99kg, rockmelon $1.99kg, apple cucumbers are $2.99 each, 1st grade iceberg lettuces are $1.99 each and sweet corn is three for $3.
Coco's, S20/21 has prickly pears $2.50 per 100gms, dragon fruit are $7.95 each , wild rocket leaves $1.95 per 100gms and the tangy and refreshing tropical Achacha for $12.95 kg. Central Organics, S72, has certified organic produce includes beetroot for $6 per bunch, peaches $10 kg and sabago potatoes for $3.50kg.

Meat and Seafood
The Croser family have introduced Tefrom to Maylands Farm, a new breed of sheep from Phillip and Renee's New Zealand Southland where this "composite" breed was developed. Try the butterfly lamb legs from Feast Fine Foods, S15, $21.99kg. Samtass Seafoods has extra large marron from Kangaroo Island for under $60kg, whole cooked yabbies $22.99, marlin fillets $27.99kg and swordfish fillets are $28.99kg.

Hello You
Rosemary O'Hara is the daughter of a grazier from the Murray Mallee and remembers her first visit to the market in the early 1960's. On that visit, Rosemary had her first coffee, a cappuccino from Lucia's and the trendy thing to do was dunk your sugar cubes into your coffee and suck the sweet coffee through the cube.
Many years later, Rosemary became famed for a orange and almond citrus cake she made at home and sold to the Providore for many years.
Early Thursday mornings are her current shopping day. Its the perfect time to meet friends and family before work as its generally child free time and she loves the bustle of the stalls opening and setting up around her. Rosemary's favourite item on her shopping list is country style sausages from Feast Fine Foods and a sugar free short black from Lucia's.

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