Thursday, 8 December 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch #41

Fruit and Veg

At Central Fresh, S49, bananas are at the lowest price this year and now selling for $1.99 kg. Mangoes are three for $5, peaches are $2.99, plums $3.99 and strawberries are thre punnets for $5. Sweet juicy passionfruit are three for $2 at McMahons, S47. Cherry tomatoes are $5 for three punnets, asparagus is $2.99 per bunch, beans are in 500 gm bags for $2 and blueberries are $3.99 per punnet. At Michael's, S53, capsicums, Lebanese cucumbers and the 'Earli- Queen' plums are all $4kg. Cactus, S6, has the best rockmelon variety, the 'Hot-Shot' for $2.99kg, watermelon is $2.49kg, fresh redcurrants are $7.50 per punnet and raspberries are $7.95 per punnet.

Meat and Seafood
Samtass SA cooked prawns are $14.99 kg, XL Aussie green prawn meat is $29.99kg, cooked SA rock lobsters are $89.99 kg and the Florida lobsters are $49.99kg. A whole side of sliced smoked salmon is around 1kg for $39.99kg. Pork is best bought on the bone and is a great price of $5.99 kg this week at O'Connells. Perfect to buy now and freeze for Christmas. If you havent made puddings yet, Tony has fresh suet for $3kg,

Remember to get your Christmas orders in for all your poultry, hams and puddings etc at your favourite stalls to secure your Christmas buys.

Christmas Gourmet
The traditional suet puddings, wrapped in cloth at Providore, S66, need to be simmered in near boiling water for an hour before serving. They are in five different sizes that can feed two to twenty people. Bakers Tray, S25, has Xmas tree shaped mud cakes for $25 and ornate gingerbread houses for $45.

Look for the new Karvelli range of breads and danish at Kate's Patisserie, S50. The range includes wild sourdough fig and walnut loaf($7.90), olive, fetta and rosemary pide ($3.50), fig or raspberry danish and my favourite, the sourdough danish filled with frangipani cream ($3.50)

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