Wednesday, 30 November 2011

# Adelaide Central Market Watch #40

Fruit and Veg

All the exotic tropical fruits are on display at Coco's, S20. Rambutan are $3 per 100gms, gooseberries $5.95 per punnet, lychees $25kg and the sweet and juicy karakaberries are $5.95 per punnet. Michael's, S53 has terrific mangoes three for $5, bananas are down to $3kg and yellow peaches are $5 kg. Adelaide Hills cherries might be in demand with some crops being rain affected. House of Organics, S34/35 has terrific yellow nectarines for $7.99kg and candy-striped beetroot for $3.95 per bunch. Keep an eye out this week for the purple Kestral potatoes available at several stalls or taste them cooked as fritters at the stage area on Thursday1st at 11am -2pm

Meat and Poultry

Barossa Fine Foods, S60, won the 2011 National Award for 'Best Ham on-the-bone.' and is selling hams for $11.99 kg. Barossa's order form is a list of over 50 items, includes cooking instructions, prices and storage tips. Order forms must be in by Dec13.

Vegas, S62, has certified organic, chicken breast fillet for $22.99kg, thigh fillet for $21.99kg, drumsticks are $4.59kg and stir-fry is $17.99 kg. Feast@the Market, S15, celebrates Saint Andrews day with the famous 'Chieftains' Scottish haggis. The largest puddings are just over 2kg and cost approximately $60. They also have tubs of duck fat for $8 and farmed rabbits from the Fleurieu for $23.99kg.

Christmas Gourmet

Jagger, S38, has the complete Baylies range of savoury ($6.20), sweet ($6.20) and chocolate ($7.20) tart shells in packs of 12. Perfect for the party season. Sevenhill, S75, has traditional Stollen cakes for $8.95, peperoten biscuits $5.50 per pack and blocks of Wawel dark chocolate 70% and sugar-free milk chocolate, two for $5.


Petit Sapin is a soft and creamy, white mould cheese made in the Franche-Comte region of France. The cheese is bound by a strip of spruce bark and comes in the distinctive round wooden box. Try baking the cheese 175deg for 10 mins. $19.95 at Smelly Cheese, S44

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