Thursday, 24 November 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch # 39

Fruit and veg

Thompsons, S26/27 has great summer prices as the festive seasons approaches. Cherries are $12 kg, mangoes are three for $5, Adelaide hills packham pears $1.50 kg, large hass avocadoes are $1 each, large eggplants s $5 kg, asparagus is $2 per bunch and whole heads of celery are $2.80 each. Great buys are also at Pick-me-Fresh, S30/31, with bananas $4.99 kg, broccoli and tomatoes $1.99 kg and large leeks $2.99 per bunch. Central Fresh, S49, has sweet peacharines for $2.99 kg, apricots and capsicums both $3.99 kg, watermelon is $2.49 kg and granny smith apples are a bargain for $1 kg. House of Organics, S34/35 has the last blood oranges of the season for $4.99kg.

Meat and Poultry

Tony O'Connell at GR47/49, is smoking SA hams every day until Christmas. The succulent hams are double or tripled smoked using redgum or beechwood chips and half-legs are $20 each. Look for the free recipe cards on storing, glazing and how to carve your ham. Poultry Cuisine, S51, has fresh chicken marylands at 2kg for $4.50, skinless breast for $6.99kg, plus livers, hearts and giblets for $4.69 kg. Marino Meat Store, GO52/54, has veal spirals rolled with pancetta, venison mince , pistachios and apricots that are under $2 each.

Christmas Specials

Lucia's Fine Foods, WR3, has the traditional Christmas chocolate Cantuccini and the candied orange Cavalucci biscuits from Sienna for $20.99 kg. the TBar, GO44, has a Christmas chai tea made with cloves, black tea and citrus peel and is $11.30 for 100gm pack. 'The Ulimate Indulgence' gift pack from Charlesworth, S58, is jam packed with fruits, nuts and lollies, in fact 63 bags and 27 different products and costs $249.90. Doyley's, S41 is baking baby mince pies every day for $2.20 each


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