Wednesday, 12 October 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch # 33

Fruit and Veg

With mangoes flooding in, choose the larger fruit for sweeter and juicier flesh. House of Organics, S34/35 has freshly picked zuchini flowers for $1 each. So easy to cook and are delicious stuffed with ricotta, parmesan and herbs and then crumbed and pan fried. Try the thinner violet Roman artichokes $2.50 each. Great in spaghetti dishes, cream sauces or grilled and marinated in olive oil. Also the first decent broadbeans are in from Adelaide Plains for $3.99 kg. Call in on Jason at Central Fresh, S49, for terrific prices this week. Strawberries are 3 punnets for $4, bananas $6.99kg, kiwi fruit are five for $2, mangoes $1.99 each and broccoli is $1.99kg.

Meat and Poultry

James has amazing prices on grain-fed, hormone-free chicken at Poultry Cuisine, S51. Skinless breast is $6.99kg and wings are 2kg for $4.90. Tony O'Connells on Grote Street end of the market has lean beef mince $9kg, pork shoulder mince $7kg, lamb mince $11.90kg and chicken leg mince for $8.50 kg. All the minces are low-fat-zero-waste and good on a tight budget.


Breadz-n-More, S43, makes home-cooked lasagnas right at the stall. Fiori, uses homemade tomato sauce and traditional Italian fillings. Family trays feed 6-8 people, are made using chicken, beef, or spinach and ricotta and cost $23.50 each. Check out the tuna mornay or chunky steak and potatoe pie plates at Bakers Tray, S25, starts at $11 each.



Caryl Cameron started making fairy floss at the Central Market about 40 years ago. Caryl's, daughter Yvonne will be at Blackeby's Old Lolly Shop, S33, this week keeping the pink sugar spinning family tradition alive. Yvonne will swirl the spun sugar onto a stick for you or take some home in a bag for $3.50.

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