Thursday, 20 October 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch # 34

Fruit and Veg

Beloro is new fruit that is bursting with juice and flavour. Inside the bright yellow skin is the rockmelon colour and body we know, but the flavour is cocktail of honey dew and rockmelon. Beloro are $4 each at Michael's, S53. Also new, the YaYa 'Great Wall' pears from China, at Coco's, S20 ,for $4.95 each. YaYa's have the crunch, colour and sweetness of a nashi pear but are larger and are $4.95 kg. Coco's is always great for fresh berries, this week punnets of raspberries are $9.99 ea and Mulberries are $6.99 per punnet. Visit Rom at Bill.B's, S37 for fresh Tasmanian walnuts in the shell $9.99kg, khol rabi are $2.50 each, bunches of purple carrots $3 each and the punnets of 'sweet-bite' cherry tomatoes for $2.50 are grown by Rom himself. Aubergines, S57, avocados are four for $2 and rhubarb stems $9.99kg. Ask Arthur at Aubergines about the fruit salad platters they make to take home or to the office. Ripe, S61, has the giant round pumpkins for Halloween for $3.99 kg.

Meat and Poultry

Go to Vegas Poultry, S62, for Thai pandan, which are marinated chicken thigh fillets wrapped in fresh pandan leaves. Not too spicy and $12.50kg. Barossa Fine Foods, S60, Octoberfest specials are the pork, parsley and lemon 'weisswurst' sausages, the smoked pork and veal 'bockwurst' sausages, both $12.99 kg.


Be quick at lunchtime for the fresh salad bar at Big Table, S. Two great choices are quinoa with roasted vegies, tomato pesto and parmesan or the bean mix salad of soya beans, broad beans, fresh peas, Danish fetta with mustard lemon juice dressing. All salads are $6.90 for a lunch-sized tub.


Leo's Cheesebar, S28/29, is making clever 'Tasting Boxes' that are ready to go. Each $12 box contains a selection of three cheeses and a fruit paste. Look for the box with Adelaide Blue, Tasmanian Brie and English Vintage Cheddar.



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