Wednesday, 5 October 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch #33

Fruit and Veg

As the winter fades, we all look forward to the return of summer fruit. The spring citrus display is a blaze of colour at House of Organics, S34/35. Tangelos, ruby and regular grapefruit are all $4.99 kg and the sweet little Afourer mandarins are $6.99 kg. Try the Asian TPP1 mango instead of the more common R2E2 at Coco's. The seed is smaller, it has more flesh and is very sweet. $4.99. The big green plantain banana, often called potatoes of the Caribbean, are one of the most diverse fruits in Latin American cuisines. Fry bake or grill like a potato $14.95 kg and the first local strawberries from Uraidla are two punnets for $5 at Coco's, S52.

Meat and Seafood

Try Mayura wagyu beef from Feast Fine Foods, S15. Mayura Station was established in 1845 is awarded nationally for the wagyu. The scotch fillet has a score fat of 8+ and is $180 kg. Samtass Seafood on Gouger St is continuing the offer on buy any one kg of fish fillets and recieve one free kg of crumbed tommy ruffs. Smokey Bay oysters are delicious and well priced at $10.50 doz.

Gourmet Treats

Andrew from Lucia's Fine Foods, WR3, says cooking trends are on the move and South American is where its at. Kick off with a jar of whole chilpotles. Great in salsas, and adds a big smokey flavour to braised meat dishes. $7.90 200gms.

Go to Lien Heng, WR7, for fresh Banh Pho Tuoi noodles for $2.80 kg and the yellow Hokkien , Taing's Noodles $1.50 for 500 gms. Pre rolled cocktail springrolls made from chicken, pork or vegetables are in packs of eighteen rolls for $5.


Himalayan single origin coffee beans have distinctive chocolate overtones when dark roasted. Grind, S14, have a limited supply of only three sacks of Nepal Terai beans. Grind roasts the beans and the smooth chocolate character has a hint of cardamom. $13 for 250 gms.

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