Wednesday, 28 September 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch #32

Fruit and Veg
Mango madness is on the way with quality on the up and prices on the way down, while strawberries remain at very low prices this week. Mandarines are still sweet and juicy at $3.99 kg, bananas are $8kg, rockmelons are great now and $3 each, and cripsy green beans $2 for 500gms at Michaels, S53. Tomatoes are also getting better with the warmer days. Try Thompson's, S26/27, glasshouse tomatoes from Virginia are $3.50 kg, strawberries 2 punnets for $3.50, aparagus $2 per bunch and carrots $1.60kg. Con's, S52, has strawberries 3 punnets for $5, nashi pears $4kg and broccoli for $2.50kg. Look for the blue wax-tipped bananas at McMahons, S47/48, $9.99kg and Paringa mandarines 2kg for $5. Dutch cream or royal blue potatoes from House of Organics, S34/35, are perfect roasting spuds, both $3.99 kg.

Meat and seafood.

Visit Marino's on Gouger Street for Pollo Antonio, a deboned chicken rolled and filled with prosciutto cotto and mozarella. $17.50kg. Samtass, also on Gouger St, this week has large SA green prawns at a reduced cost of $13.99 kg due to slight damage. Tony O'Connell suggest start thinking about Xmas. Pork is an excellent price now at $6 kg, so buy, and freeze. His trick is to freeze in a plastic bag, then wrapped in newspaper. This week try veal liver $3 kg, lambs fry $2 each and fresh tripe $6.70 kg.

Great meals of the market

For breakfast at Big Table, S39/40, go the homemade baked beans on fat toast $11.50, or poached eggs with asparagus and hollandaise sauce on toasted turkisg bread $14.50.

Sun Mi, S1, terriaki beef or chicken cold rolls $4 each make a great lunch.


Corner Deli, S71, has imported pickled and sliced green Jalapenos $2.99 for 350 gms. Smelly Cheese, S44, has a new French cheese. Saint Sauveur, made from sheeps milk and decorated with edible charcoal and paprika is stunning. $35 each.


TBar on Gouger Street has a special French Earl Grey for tea lovers. Called Vani-T, this earl grey has the distinctive bergamot flavour , hinted with marigold and rose petals. $7.10 for 50 gms

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