Thursday, 8 September 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch #29

Oz Harvest rescues surplus food from businesses and redistributes to charitable agencies who are feeding people in need. With thanks to partner Rotary Adelaide West, Oz Harvest is now rescueing food in the Central Market. The first four Saturday rescues have seen 600kgs of surplus foods collected from 20 different market stalls. This is the equivalnent of 1980 meals for people in need and saves 1200kg CO2eq greenhouse gases.

Market Watch congratulates participating SA food businesses, including Central Market, Barossa Fine Foods at Fine Foods 2011 Australia, Trade Event held in Sydney this week.

Fruit and Veg

Strawberries continue to taste better and get cheaper in the market. Punnet prices vary, with an average of $2 each.

Ripe, S69, strawberry punnets, mangoes and spinach bunches all $2.50 each. Coco's has garlic chives flowers $2.50 per bunch, yellow butter beans $14.95 kg and celeriac $4.99 each. MCMahons, S47, chinese cabbages $2.99 each,  rockmelons and Caro Caro oranges all for $3.99 kg.

Meat and Poultry

Feast Fine Foods, S15, thick-cut 500gm T-bones are $26.99 kg or treat yourself with whole Waechter ducks for $19.99kg. Try whole certified organic chickens from Vegas, S62, for $14.99kg and gluten free, free-range chicken fillet sausages $15.99kg. Wild Oz, S55, has pork spare ribs from wild stock sourced near Wilcannia. 2kg packs for $12. Tony O'Connell has those amazing rolled lamb racks with herbs, garlic, extra lamb mince and tied with fresh rosemary stalks. Seal, roast and serve for $17.99kg.


Sevenhill Fine Foods, S75, has terrific prices this week on European mayos and mustard. Dijonnaise whole-grain mustard 335gm is $2, and Hellman’s whole egg mayo 400gm for $4.95. Bet you can't resist the orange-zest, sugar-coated ‘Pączki’ jam donut $1.70 each.

Taldy-Kurghan, S3, named after an abolished Kazakhstan region, is owned and operated by Beijing couple Theo and Waulice.... The cuisine is simple and fulfilling. Try 'Bigos', the hunter’s stew, made with lean pork, mashed potato and cabbage for $8.50 or the signature 'piroshki' $3 each.


Aphrodite Halloumi made from goat and ewes milk is sensational. Hand-made in Cyprus, the cheese is a delicate blend of flavours that are enhanced by a quick pan-fry, $24kg. Try comparing Tasmanian, Pyengana cloth-bound cheddar, $59kg and Cabot's, cloth-bound cheddar from USA, $79kg, for tang and bite. All from Peita, owner of Leo's Cheese, S28&29

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