Wednesday, 31 August 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch #28

Fruit and Veg

Apples are the hot topic in the SA for growers, retailers and customers. The quality, range and prices of local apples in the market are excellent. Galas, granny smiths, red delicious, pink ladys, golden delicious and fuji are all $3 kg at Michael's, S53. Seasons are changing when mangoes make there way south and Michael's has NT Kensington Pride mangoes $3 each.

Banana prices continue to drop this week and may come down to $8kg at Aubergines,S37, also watermelon $1.99 kg and strawberry punnets two for $5. Certified-organic grower, Domenic Scarfo artichokes are $2.50 each at House of Organics.

 Meat and Seafood

Samtass, on Gouger St, has a great deal on crumbed garfish $15.99 kg and tommy ruff $11.99 kg, buy 1 kg and get 1 kg free. Whole KI King George whiting are for $29.99 kg. Con's, S18, has the famous Blue Ribbon Bung fritz $10.95 kg. Jumbo garlic mettwursts make a great $25 gift from The Mettwurst Shop, S22. Tony O'Connell suggest buying scored pork shoulder roast now, pack the pork in a freezer bag, wrap in newspaper and freeze for Xmas when prices rise. This week $5.99 kg. Ricardo, grandson of Tony Marino, will be making traditional Italian sausages in the shop on Wednesdays. Look for pork with orange rind and fennel seeds for $13.50 kg at Marino's, GS52.


Northern Italian Gorgonzola is a blue cheese that is fantastic folded into rissotto in the final stages or on pasta and pizza. Dolcelatte was developed to provide a milder smelling and tasting alternative to the famous traditional Italian blue cheese. Gorgonzola Dolce is a luscious cheese that is sweet, creamy and not too sharp. As an apperitif, serve with Siena truffled honey on sourdough. Available from Say Cheese, S46, Gorgonzola Dolce is spooned from the cheese wheel for $54.95 kg


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