Thursday, 15 September 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch #30

Fruit and Veg

Mango signals the change in seasons for produce in the Market. Use the riper mangoes for curries, jams and lassi and the greener ones for chutney, pickles or salads with a chilli and soy dressing. Michael's, S53, has great quality mangoes for $2 each and with more on the way the prices can only get better. Also at Michael's, large Hass avocados are three for $3 and full heads of celery $2 each. Coco's, S20/21, green mangoes and green papaya are $10kg, try adding fresh lotus root $12.95kg to your mango salad. Blood oranges are coming to season end. Look for smaller fruit with nice red skins. $4.99 kg at House of Organics, S34/35. Pick-me-Fresh, S31, has beautiful baby cherry tomatoes from Waterloo Corner, $2.99 punnet, navel oranges 99c kg and a wide range of fancy lettuce for $1.80 each.

Meat and Seafood

Barossa Fine Foods keeps winning awards. The latest award is for their Cambridge chipolatas, $9.99 kg. They are the perfect breakfast sausage or wrap in bacon to make 'pigs-in-blankets'.

Ricardo Marino from Marino Meat Store, GO52/54, has perfected his new pure pork 'orange and fennel seed' sausages, $13.50 kg.

Samtass, right next door has, whole cooked size XL prawns for $19.99kg and the ultimate marinara mix that includes prawns, mussels, squid, scallops, salmon fillet and tuna. $18.99 kg


More Mangoes at House of Health, S73/74. These ones are certified organic, sulphor-free, dried mango slices for $3.99 per 100gms, plus dark chocolate coated goji berries to make being healthy easier. $4.99 per 150 gms.

New at Lucia's Fine Foods, WR3, is the Whisk&Pin range of handmade jams, including apple and fig, pear and blackberry and ruby red grapefruit marmalade, all $10.90 per jar.

Jagger Fine Foods, S38, has the famous SA brined caper leaves from Kolophon $14 per jar and the capers $11.20 for 70gm jars. The Yoghurt Shop, S67, has a brilliant promotion to win half a years supply of your favourite flavour. Just like and follow on social medias.


Fig and fennel seed bread, toasted with unsalted butter should be on your bucket list. This sour-dough bread is handmade with rye and wholemeal flours, dried figs and a subtle sprinkling of fennel seeds. Magic with cheese too. $7.95 each at Dough, S45.

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