Wednesday, 24 August 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch #27

Fruit and Veg
Rocket is flowering in gardens now but Wild Rocket is available at Thompsons, S26/27. Wild Rocket has a distinguished mustard taste, serrated foliage and intense aroma. Great used on pizza for a peppery bite. $1,80 per bag. Also at Thompsons, tangellos $1.80 kg, kiwi fruit 5 for $2, broccoli $2.50 kg, whole cauliflower $2,20 each. Capsicum prices are down to $5.99 kg at Greenside, S56, and Mario has those delicious Lady Finger bananas for $7.99kg and zuchinni $3.99kg. House of Organics, S34/35, has blood oranges for $4.99kg, passionfruit four for $2 and very tasty 'Tella' tomatoes from Murray Bridge for $3.99kg. The big fat Kensington mangoes from NT are $6.99 each at Coco's, S20/21, also Nashi pears $5.95kg, cumquats $14.95kg and custard apples $8.99kg. If you havent eaten a custard apple before, peel, de-seed and make a smoothie. Its delicious.

Meat and Poultry
Crumbed burger patties made with minced lamb and beef $5.99kg and great value in bulk peices of scotch fillet $17.99 kg and porterhouse $12.99 kg at O'Connell's. Also crumbed for a quick mid-qweek meal are free-range turkey breast schnitzels $12.99kg at Barossa Fine Foods, S60.

Market Lunches
Zedz Cafe, S2, is a mecca for great meals, coffee and service. Owner and chef, Franjo's winter soups are fantastic. Try Morrocan spinach and lentil soup or fresh tomato and oregano, both $9.90 and served with gluten-free toasted bread made in the stall.
Next door is Sun Mi's, S1. Try the green herb Bindaeduk, a traditional mung bean pancake served with Sun Mi's magic sauce, $2 each.

Kalangadoo Organic Apple Juice. Kalangadoo is a small farming community only 35 km from the edge of the Southern Ocean, about halfway between Adelaide and Melbourne. Look for the brown tree frog on the logo as a recognised indicator of healthy orchard ecosystems. The apples are pressed in a traditional 'rack and cloth' press and available at Central Organics, S72. $12.50 for 2 litre flagons

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