Wednesday, 29 June 2011

# Adelaide Central Market Watch #19

There is big value is in citrus this week with fantastic quality, abundant varietal choices and good prices.

Bumper mandarin crops means smaller fruit on the tree but great value and selling at many stalls for $2.50 kg. Navel oranges are $3.99 and lemons are four for $2 at Aubergines S57. Misty gem passion fruit are loaded with pulp, three for $2 , Albanese silver beet $3.60 bunch, fresh Jerusalem artichoke $1.79 kg and 250gm pun nets of sweet yellow cherry tomatoes from Murray Bridge and try their free range eggs from Clare Valley $5.99 dozen, all from House of Organics S34/35. Tasmanian truffles are in season until August and their quality rivals the famed Perigords. Visit Marco at S68 or follow CookThisTV on Facebook.

Lucias Fine Foods (Photo courtesy Lara Cameron-Smith)

SevenHill Fine Foods (Photo courtesy Lara Cameron-Smith)

Taste of Marakech (Photo courtesy Lara Cameron-Smith)

Fresh truffles (Photo courtesy Lara Cameron-Smith)

more truffles (Photo courtesy Lara Cameron-Smith)

Kate's Patisserie S50 has the Afghan tandoori naans two bags for $5 and the Lebanese pita bread for $1.50 per bag of six.
Kolophon caper berries are the rage. The berries come pickled with Murray River salt $12.95 for 150gm jars, as caper seasoning where the used pickling salts are mixed with dried capers $9.95 for 40gm jars , also as a powder and as nibbles. Gourmet to Go S42 and Jagger S38

Go to Feast@the Market for certified organic milk-fed lamb and Coorong angus beef cheeks. The 6-8 week old Suffolk meat is lean, pale and tender $20.99kg and all cuts are available. The trimmed beef cheeks are perfect for slow cooking and cost $19.99kg.
Vegas Poultry ,S62 has Inglewood certified chickens, whole only for $14.99kg. Economy short-back bacon $8.95kg from Con's S18/19.

Peru Cafe Femenino coffee from The Grind S14, is organic and Fair Trade certified, the latter meaning it was purchased from small-holding farmers at a "fair" or economically sustainable price. Cafe Femenino is an organization that supports women farmers and their families in coffee growing communities $11 for 250gms. Rich, deep aroma with a hint of chocolate.

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