Wednesday, 22 June 2011

# Adelaide Central Market Watch #18

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Brussels sprouts are in peak condition now. Michael at S53 has Brussels displayed on their flower spikes. Michael also has the last of the persimmons and suggests finding your dehydrator to preserve the fruit for great lunch-box snacks.

Navel oranges are the best buy now. Fabulous quality, they are locally grown and priced as low as $1.99kg. 
Nick and Emelia, owners of Aubergine, S57, say the cold snap has stunned local vegetable growth.  Supply is lowered and we can expect prices to creep up for above-ground vegies. Capsicum, eggplant and cucumber prices will go up about $1 per kg.  In-ground vegies like potatoes, beetroot and carrots are unaffected and prices are going down.

Central Fresh, S49 has green beans at $5.99kg, pink lady apples at $1.95kg, pears at $1.80kg and the lowest price for bananas at $9.99kg.
Coco's, S20/21, has the first tamarillos for $1.80 each and Jazz apples for $5.95kg. Jazz is a cross between Gala and Braeburn apples, having firm and crunchy flesh and a tangy, sweet flavour.
Lien Heng's best buys are bitter melons for stir-frys at $6kg, sugar peas at $6 for 500gms and spaghetti and winter melons for $5kg.

Corner Deli, S71, has great offerings in cheese this week with 200 gm wedges of White  Castello Brie at $3.99 and NZ Epicure cheddar blocks for $15.99kg.
Dough, S45, rocks the boat with two new artisan bread rolls, designed for cheese. The raisin and walnut white sourdough knobs are $1.50 each. The other is a white sourdough twist roll, oozing with grilled Aussie Jack cheddar and Emmental.
Go straight to Jaggers for fresh and squishy Iranian dates - $6 for 500 gms. Try stuffing them with ground pistachios, sugar and orange blossom.

Stretch your dollar with mince this week. Beef mince is $9 kg, pork mince $7kg, lamb mince $11kg and chicken mince is $8.50kg from O'Connells.

Simon Bugeya has maintained the Italian tradition, inherited from his grandparents, for producing real food from real gardens in real sunshine. Simon's tomato sauces are among the best handmade sauces on the planet.  Made exclusively from hand-picked, ripe, Roma tomatoes from local farms, the  sauces lock in the sunshine and flavour of hot South Australian summers.

Simon has not dared to change his Grandmother’s recipes. They include classic Napoletana, Passata and pizza sauces, all for under $8 per jar at Lucia's Fine Foods. WR3

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