Wednesday, 6 July 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch #20

Onions are the essential ingredient for full flavoured cooking. South Australia produces approximately 70,000 tonnes of onions per annum, 35% of Australian production. Farmgate value of SA grown onions to our state is over $65.5 million. Latest figures show SA will harvest 110,741 tonnes of onions comprising of 12% red and 88% brown showing an increase on previous years.


All the market F&V stalls have onions year round, but they are at their freshness peak now. Look for clean shiny skin, firm flesh and no sprouting. Prices start at $2.99kg and go down. Red onions are $3.99kg. For a great winter salad, combine onions, fennel and navel oranges with olive oil and seasoning. McMahons S47/48 has Riverland navel oranges $1.99kg and crunchy fennel bulbs from Aubergines S57 for $1.50 each

Seville oranges say marmalade me for $3.99kg and blood oranges say sorbet or salad, from House of Organics S34/35. Cocos S20/21 always has new season produce and this week the speckled borlotti beans are $12.95kg and tamarillos for $1.80 each. Mandarins are perfect, juicy , sweet and cheap throughout the market.

The best winter tomato flavour this week is the hydroponic, vine-ripened punnets of cherry tomatoes called the "sweet pearl" from McMahons and Greensides S56 for $3.50


The King of SA seafood, King George Whiting, famed for texture, flavour, flesh ratio and a struggle on the hook, is at an all time low price at Samtass on the Gouger St end. Whole fish $26.99kg and double fillets $35.99 kg. Check Vegas Poultry, S62, for limited numbers of whole certified organic chooks $14.99kg.


'Bling' is a sparkling non- alcoholic grape juice made from the locally grown Muscat Bordeaux Blanco grapes. The intense fruity characters are peach and nectarine. Look for the 750 ml champagne bottle with the diamote encrusted pendant on the bottle neck $11 at Gourmet to Go S42

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