Thursday, 28 August 2008

International Students sensory CHEESE class

12 international students from the Adelaide Hospitality & Tourism School took part in the second of Chef's Media, introduction to cheese sensory evaluation .Topics of discussion include:

  • The history of cheese
  • Types of milk
  • Cheese types and classifications
  • Basic tasting skills
  • Develop a cheese vocabulary
  • Basic cheese and wine pairings
  • Myths and misconceptions of the cheese world
The class was coordinated by Say Cheese wholesale manager , Mel Ware. Mel's experience and passion with cheese shines through and captured the interest of all throughout the class. Mel even had the students trying BLUE CHEESE...yes..the one with mould growing in it!
Thanks to Jack Liao for mandarin translation and photos.

The Adelaide Hospitality & Tourism School
Established in Adelaide in 1981, The Adelaide Hospitality & Tourism School has helped to launch thousands of successful careers in the exciting global industries of hospitality and tourism. The school was the first private Hotel Management school in South Australia to be industry accredited and has been the recipient of numerous industry awards. The campus is located in the heart of the central business district conveniently located near transport, parking, shops, hotels and restaurants, museums, libraries, art galleries and cinemas.

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