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Adelaide Central Market Watch 23.1.12

Australia Day means BBQs .
Many people will take Friday off work and enjoy a four day long weekend and this means, more than one BBQ, so the butchers will be busy this weekend in the Market. The market is closed Thursday but open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Meat And Poultry
Tony O'Connell's on the Grote Street end of the market has great Australia Day specials all weekend. Pork ribs $8.90 kg and a huge range of tempting sausages. Try lamb and fetta, beef with worcestershire sauce and cracked black pepper or herb and garlic sausages all $8.90kg. Barossa Fine Foods, S60, also has a BBQ special on this week. Beef BBQ $8.99kg, French Merguez $10.99kg and mild Italian style $10.99 kg. all 100% gluten free and contain no msg. Vegas Poultry, S62, has marinated honey and soy chicken trumpets ( single-bone wing) $14.99kg, tenderloin breast fillet $15.99kg and whole Greenslades free range chickens for $9.49kg.

Fruit and Veg
Con's, S52, has the firts new season Royal Gala apples from the Riverland for $3kg and great strawberries, three punnets for $5. Cactus, S6, has sweet sugar pineapples for $3.95 ea, salad mix is $2 for. 120gm packs, sultana grapes are $4.99kg and fresh red currant grapes are $6.99kg. House of Organics, S 34/35, has the older variety 'Donsworth' plums from Adelaide Hills, and Lenswood white peaches, both $9.99 kg. A must-try are the black genoa figs for $24.99 kg.


Gourmet-to-Go, S42, has a tasty range of healthy prepared foods to eat now or take home.  Chickpea burgers $4.80 each, falafels $1.60 each, and gluten-free savoury pies are a meal on their own for $5.95 each. Vegetarian frittata is $4.50 per slice and yummy lemon meringue pies with a soft cloud of meringue on top $4.50 each.

Simon Bryant's new range of locally sourced grains are called 'Dirt(y)'. The grains come in 500 gm boxes and include Kangaroo Island red nugget lentils, KI red nipper lentils  and  Yorke Peninsula kabuki chickpeas. All $7 each at Taste of Marrakech.

Hello You

Marian and Robert Pitt

"So its been 63 years since I first came to the market. Time flies when one is having fun.
My dad use to take me there when I was a little girl and always bought me some fish lollies. When I was 17,  I worked at Charles Moore, where the Police Courts are now.
Doing my shopping at the market after I finished work was always a joy. When Robert and I married and had our 4 children a treat for them on the school holidays was going to the Market and buying fish lollies.
We would meet up on a Friday nights with family and have our meal there and of course take the grandchildren to buy them fish lollies. Since we both retired, we visit the market on a Friday and have lunch in the food court.
We enjoy shopping at the market and over the years we have enjoyed saying hello to the people we buy our goods from. My special treat is allowing my self to buy something nice from the Providore to have with a cup of tea when we arrive home.

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