Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Adelaide Central Market Watch 17.1.12

Its customers who are often not mentioned when talking about the iconic Adelaide Central Market, and after owning a shop in the market for the last 21 years, I certainly have met and become friends with many. So I thought I would begin a new section in Market Watch called 'Hello You' that introduces some of our customers.
Hello You
Meet twin sisters Joan McRae-Wood and Joy Pittman. The girls where born in Adelaide in 1929 and have been coming to the market since they were toddlers. Their Scottish parents shopped on Fridays and mainly came to buy fresh fish for Saturday night dinner. Whole Tommy Ruffs were on the menu every week. The most noticeable changes in the market for Joan and Joy are how 'up-market' the market has become and how so many interesting foods have been introduced from Europe and Asia.
No dummies to shopping after not missing a week in 20 years, organic food and a great cup of coffee are high on their list of priorities. The market is a place where they regularly meet with their family, including eight grandchildren who are now beginning their lives as market customers.
Fruit and Veg
Michael's, S53, has premium quality Australian garlic from Mildura for $2 each, avocados are three for $3, bananas $1.50kg, mangoes are $2 each and Riverland plums are $4kg. Central Fresh, S49, has terrific prices this week with strawberries $1 per punnet, seedless grapes $3.99kg, nectarines $2.79 kg, truss tomatoes $1.99 kg, bananas 99c kg, peaches are $2.99 kg and watermelon $1.49kg. Mario at Greensides, S56, has all his home grown plums and prunes for $2.99kg and his delicious tomatoes are $3.99kg.

Meat and Poultry
Pure Suffolk lamb is now back in season at Feast Fine Foods, S15. The label describes the lamb as the 'Best lamb you'll ever taste' and you know what, its true. Look for the lamb loin chops. They are the size of a small T-bone as they include the fillet on the chop. $23.99kg. Also this week, Feast have farmed rabbits from the Fleurieu also $23.99kg. Con's Fine Foods, S 18/19, has a fantastic selection of sliced hams and bacon. Full length bacon rashers are $7.95kg, double smoked ham is $15.50kg, Old Style ham is $13.50kg and red gum smoked ham is $21kg.

Jagger, S39 has the most incredible collection of olives and dips in Adelaide. A few to mention are Sicilian, Coriole Kalamata and verdale, mixed olives with lime and peppercorns, green olives with lemon, thyme and garlic, and parmesan stuffed olives. All are $27kg. Keep a lookout for pates made with emu, kangaroo or crococdile. All made here in South Australia and sell at $9.30 for 110gms.

Kate's Patisserie, S50
The Mylor Bakery is a family business with a simple philosophy: taking absolutely no shortcuts in a process that has been perfected over centuries we turn the simple loaf of bread into something a bit more special.
This is no nonsense bread, we don't have glitzy labels, funky slogans or glamorous names for our bread. We don't claim to be artisans, or bake in some secret exotic style.
The secret to our unique bread is long fermentation, gentle handling, and a state of the art electric oven. Try organic wholemeal $7.20, sprouted light rye $6.60, or seeded wholemeal $7.40

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