Wednesday, 14 December 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch #42

Fruit and Veg

Be prepared for a very busy market until Christmas. Consider shopping earlier in the week to ensure your choice of quality and varieties. Banana prices have continued to go down and are $1.50kg week at Michael's, S53. Also in stock are seedless grapes for $8kg, Australian garlic for $2.50 each, mangoes are three for $5 and strawberry punnets are two for $4. Fantastic cos lettuce ($2.99) from an uncertified organic garden in Ashton Hills are now available at House of Organics, S34/35. Also, new season Riverland 'Black Genoa' figs are $25kg and local 'Sunburst' cherries are $19.99kg. Greensides, S56, has apricots, nectarines, local tomatoes and eggplants all at $3.99kg, while peaches are $2.99kg and cherries are $6.99 kg. Coco's, S20/21 has punnets of organic 'Silvanberries' from Cudlee Creek for $7 each, seedless watermelon is $1.95kg and punnets of fresh gooseberries for $6.95kg.

Meat and Poultry

All the vendors are geared up for Christmas and hams and turkeys are a priority. Feast Fine Foods, S15, has five types of hams to choose from. Consider the Saskia Beer, Black Pig Ham, on the bone for $38.50 kg or the Heritage Berkshire ham for $18.99 kg. O'Connell's Butcher on Gouger St has the gammon hams ($8kg) to cook at home in the webber with hickory.

Christmas Gourmet

Sevenhill, S75, is bulging at the seams with traditional season specialities from across Europe. A must-buy are the Dutch Detteer chocolate alphabet letters($4.50). Follow the tradition by attaching them to gifts under the Christmas tree to identify the recipient. Dough, S45, is now making a large rye, sour-dough baguette, loaded up with caramelized red onions and caraway seeds for $6.


Lucia's Fine Foods Deluxe Hamper is a true foodie gift. Aged balsamic vinegar, white truffle oil, lemon infused linguini, brined yellowfin tuna belly, Italian lozenges and nougat, all wrapped up with ribbons and bows. $290 each.

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