Wednesday, 9 November 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch # 37

Fruit and Veg

First came the mangoes; now apricots, peaches, nectarines and cherries have arrived. Prices are good and quality is perfect. Fred McMahon's, S12, has the whole range of fancy lettuces, two for $4 and punnets of Il Bello Rosso baby tomatoes from Virginia for $4.95. Con's, S52, has big juicy lemons at five for $2, brocolli is $2.50 kg, capsicums are $5 kg and tomatoes $3 kg. Local apricots and nectarines and QLD bananas are $6.99 kg, sweet sweet strawberries two punnets for $5, mangoes two for $5 and four avocados for $2 all from Aubergines, S57. House of Organics, S34/35, has the trevisio lettuce for $3.49 each, Adelaide Hills cherries for $24.99 and organic swedes and turnips for $3.99 kg. For a great range of Asian vegies, visit Lien Heng, SWR7, fresh galangal is $30kg, bunches of lemongrass are $1.50 each and the green and yellow spotted spaghetti melons are $5 kg.

Seafood and Meat
The Freezer sale is on at Samtass. Stock up for Xmas with 1kg bags of crumbed uncooked prawn cutlets ( 1kg $16.99 or 4kg for $50 ). Check out the salmon roast roulades for $19.99 kg. Freeze your own raw SA king prawns for $11.99 kg. Tony O'Connell's Butcher has lamb backstrap for $22.99kg and red gum smoked chickens for $7 each.

House of Health, S73, has a nut grinding machine that makes the perfect pastes. Both peanuts and almonds are roasted and ground into chunky or smooth paste. No salt, no sugar; only nuts. Peanut paste is $8.50 kg and almond paste is $6.99 for 230gm jars.

Jagger Fine Foods, S38, has the new range of Pendleton dressings made on the Limestone Coast. Chardonnay vinegar is $11.20, blood orange olive oil is $16.40 and mixed together as a dressing is $10.80. All in 250 ml bottles.


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