Wednesday, 17 August 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch #26

Fruit and Veg
The biggest orange sale ever in Adelaide starts tommorrow. Two semi trailers will unload 60,000 kgs of South Australian navel oranges. This Thursday, Friday and Saturday, most fruit stalls in the Central Market will sell 3 kg bags for $1 each.
Aubergines,S57, banana and strawberry prices are way down this week and Mildura asparagus stalks are sweet and tender. Two bunches for $6
Pick-Me-Fresh, S31/31, has five varieties of apples are all $1.99kg, broccoli $2.99kg and sweet corn are $1.20 each. Bill B's, S37, has spinach bunches for $1.50, sugar snaps $9kg and green beans for $5kg.

Meat and Poultry
Feast! Fine Foods, S15, free ranging Birkshire pork is juicy, succulent and terrific for crackling. Loins and racks both $23.99 kg and pork belly is $16.99kg. Also try the 2011 Produce Awards, Pacdon Park haggis and black pudding.
Vegas,S62, has great free- range chicken sausages (GF) for $15.99kg. Tony O'Connell's has new season lamb cutlets for $11.99kg.

Gluten-Free foods
Central Organics, S72, has a great range of gluten-free (gf) breakfast cereals including Gorilla Munch cornflakes and crispy rice flakes both $7.50 a pack. Go to Lucia's Fine Foods, WR3, for frozen gnocci and spinach ricotta ravioli both $11.50 for 500gms. House of Health, S73/74, sells a huge range of gluten-free breads, cakes mixes, pizza bases, muffins and even Italian chocolate croissants. Visit Zedz Cafe, S2, for breads made in store, are available whole or with meals.

Lucias Fine Foods La Genuine Italian toasted wheat pasta is artisan made in the tradition of Puglia. The discs of durum wheat pasta are chocolate coloured and have a nutty semolina flavour. Simmer the discs for 15 minutes and serve with any of the handmade Lucia's tomato sauces. $11.90 for 500gms. La Genuine range includes orecchiotte, cavatelli and fricelli

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