Thursday, 11 August 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch #25

Fruit and Veg

Thompsons S26/27, is serious about labelling their produce and uses 3D cards to show specific place of origin on each label. Spinach is $3 bunch, spring onions $1.80 bunch and leeks $3.50 all from Virginia. Visit Aubergines,S57, for bunches of large beetroots and whole cauliflowers both $3.50 each. Sweet corn and avocados are three for $3 and Pinaroo coliban potatoes $2.49kg. Coco's, S20/21 has fresh guava for $12.99kg, from a Vietnamese grower in Virginia. Guava is high in pectin and perfect for jams and pastes. Buddha's hands, the lemons with fingers are $5.99 each and are great for scenting rooms and as zest. Asparagus is on the way in and are $2 a bunch at Michael's, S53.

Gluten Free ( GF )
GF foods are becoming more available in the market each day. The Mettwurst Shop, S22, has a wide range of salami and mettwursts including the famous 'bum-burner'. Sausages from Wild Oz, pasta and frozen pastry from Lucia's Fine Foods, WR3, and a delicious range of cakes, slices and biscuits from Providore S66.

Visit Wild Oz, S55, for the unusual this week. Buffalo burgers (GF)$13.99kg, snails $15.80 per dozen and duck eggs $5 per six pack. Munch on crocodile feet for $9.99kg and if thats too hard try crocodile sausages $21.99kg. Feast, S15, has Barossa, corn-fed geese for $21.99 kg and Tony O'Connell says new season lamb is in stock , superb quality and prices are coming down.

Think Mexican, think Jaggers Fine Foods, S38. The Chilli Mojo range includes mulato, smokey chipotte and poblano chillies. "Mulato (moo-LAHT-oh), literally ‘light brown’ or ‘mixed’ is a close relative of the Ancho / Poblano chilli. It’s thick-fleshed pods dried slowly, leave a richness similar to plums with chocolate overtones. It’s a fantastic stuffer for Chiles Rellenos and essential for the classic Mole Poblano."

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