Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Adelaide Central Market Watch #12

Mothers Day means get the family together and cook up a storm.

Fruit and Veg
Banana prices are varying, Lady Fingers are my choice at $6.99 kg and say goodbye to sugar plums from Stall 56. Certified Organic, Forest Range Fuji apples are $8kg but worth every cent from Central Organics. Con’s Stall 52, Fuji, Pink Lady and Gala apples all are under $4kg while neighbouring brother‘s Stall 53, Michael’s, has the best prices on Corella, Packham and Tsu- Li pears. All $2.50kg. Tsu-Li pears are long shaped, with coarse freckled skin, and firm flesh. Pineapple aroma, cream coloured inner, with a delicious floral taste. Suggested uses: eating, salads, cheese platters, roasted, grilled and poached . Michaels’ Riverland lemons are a steal at 12 for $3 bag. Stall 34/35 for cheap local broccoli and organic Willunga turnips $3.99kg. Standby for globe artichokes.

Meat and Seafood
100% beef burgers with red wine and herbs are the latest at Feast Fine Food at $2 each. Soups and stews are here for the next few months so embrace the cheaper cuts for slow-cooking. Lean beef blade $10kg is great for pies, goulash, curries and casseroles from O’Connell’s. For authentic Italian spaghetti bolognaise sauce combine 1kg beef mince $8kg and half a kg pork mince at $7kg. Samtass Seafood’s prepared salt and pepper squid at $19.99kg is a winner with my kids. Cooked on the BBQ or in the pan, serve with lemon, chilli and rice or chips.

Take Home
30 market Stalls serve the best range of value added food in the state. Visit Breadz’n’More Stall 43, where owner Fiori Mazzone bakes traditional Italian breads at his stall. Filoni, quattro and ciabatta loaves and also zeppoli and almond croissants. Leo’s Stall 28/29 Angaston vintage shiraz vinegar $19.95,and at The Mettwurst’ Shop- Stall 22, try the famed “Fire Starter” with a heat rating of 11/10 that will satisfy all hot sausage lovers. Doyley’s Stall 41 quiches are delicious. The large atlantic salmon and asparagus quiche for $23 will feed the family.

This Thursday night tune into SBS Italian Food Safari to see the Marino family cook their famous ‘Porchetta’. The ancient Abruzzi technique uses rolled shoulder pork, seasoned with Tony Marino’s secret blend of spices, herbs and salt. . While roasting, baste every 30mins with lemon juice for the perfect crackling. Marino’s Meats Gouger St 52/54

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