Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Market Watch #7 Published 30.3.11 Advertiser #Adelaide

 As Easter approaches, hot-cross bun aficionados are beginning their research for the best ACM buns. The sweet, spiced buns, made with fruit and leavened with yeast are topped with a cross, symbolising the Crucifixion in modern times. Already three stalls are in the run-up. This year chocolate buns are mounting a competitive challenge.

Fruit & Veg

The once in twenty-year weather conditions this summer are responsible for the seasonal incongruities of supply to the market. Winter conditions are affecting normal summer crops, so we are anticipating less late summer vegetables and higher prices. Yet, for stone-fruit, the season is extending to be one of the best ever. Tomato prices rise as the cold sets in and Riverland rockmelons can’t be picked due to 4-5 inches of rain. Peaches and nectarines are still fantastic.

ACM prices always reflect value with carrots $1.99 kg, corn $1 ea, asparagus two bunches for $5 and rhubarb $9,99kg from Nick at Aubergines Stall 57. Mario from Greensides Stall 56 has local garlic three for $2, baby eggplant from his own garden (Oh Yum) at $4.99kg, Damson plums $3.99kg and the first, as usual, local quinces for $3.99kg. Californian mandarins (check for stickers) and are $6.95kg, broccoli $3.50kg and pears and limes are abundant, cheap and delicious.

Search out Cambodian-born Rom, one of the only ACM stallholders who is also a grower and the owner of Bill B’-Stall 37. Chillies, flat beans $8,50kg, hot banana capsicums and his long baby eggplants shine out at $4.99. Rom’s stall has the only remaining electronic conveyor belt to load stock upstairs. Heritage protection?

Meat & Poultry

With the cold snap and high lamb prices, try turkey legs. There is a secret to removing the sinew so ask Tony O’Connell and get his recipes for turkey soups and roasts. Tony’s tequila and lime pork chops $8.90 kg are heart warmers. Feast Fine Foods boned ducks and beef cheeks are perfect to try your French bistro meals and terrines at home.

Sweet Things

Glacé apricots and figs filled with mascarpone from Leo’s are heaven sent. From $1.90 each.

The ACM Hot Cross Bun Challenge

Email and let me know your favourite bun and where you bought it. The best will be judged by the number of votes.


Samtass Seafood, named after brothers Sam and Tass, has a pre-Easter seafood brochure offering up to 50 per cent discount on 16 major lines. 40 percent OFF SA Spencer Gulf cooked Extra Large $12 per kilo Pay $18.99 kg.

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