Wednesday, 30 March 2011

I ate fresh Adelaide Hills wild porcini and need more

Yesterday, Adelaide Central Market Mushroom Man  hesitated  to sell me one of the first  fresh wild  porcini ever found in South Australia  possibly in Australia. Marco was saving the wild rarity for his best chef customers and  mobile was running hot with calls to get some. He buckled and I bought this beauty. Lucky for me,  Lachie from the Manse and Callum were about and handy with a frypan.
I only ate a few slivers..but will remember this flavour forever. My first sensation was's.. velvet and silky with resistance. The flavour gently builds, gracefully releasing of the rich woody forest  mushroom character we know from dried porcini. It's a show stopper so go see Marco and try your luck.

"Porcini are among the most flavoursome and sought-after mushrooms in the world. They are gathered wild and have a rich heady flavour and a meaty texture that make them strong enough to be served with steak, yet delicate enough to use in an elegant sauce."

His Adelaide Hills pine mushrooms are also in the market this week

"Pine mushrooms get their name because they commonly grow under pine trees. They’re also known as milky saffron, as they exude a milky orange sap when cut. Pines pop up in summer to autumn, after warm sunny days and a good downpour. While their vibrant saffron-coloured cap, gills and stems adds colour to any dish, their flavour won’t let you down, either. They have a firm texture and a full, roasted nut flavour perfect with fresh pasta and egg based dishes. "

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