Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Market Watch #6 Published #Adelaide Advertiser 23.3.11

The ACM has 22 fruit and veg stalls, 14 meat/poultry stalls, 10 gourmet stalls, 6 bakeries, 10 cafes and 30 more general food businesses under one roof.

Food quality, price, origin and variety offer the consumer the best food shopping experience in the State. Add history, migration, families and ambience and the market earns its ‘iconic’ status.

Fruit and Veg

Apples take centre stage now. Grannies, Red and Golden Delicious, Galas and Johnnies from $2.99kg. Fuji and Pink Ladies ripen in a few weeks. Stone fruit season ending with late varieties O’Henry and Somerset peaches still here andStall 69 still has baby white peaches from Renmark. Grapes and tomatoes $2 to $6kg are terrific now. Go green with asparagus, beans and broccoli $4kg all perfect.

Meat and Seafood

The full moon fattens the blue swimmer crabs and Smokey Bay oysters are bursting with sea flavour. Both $10.99kg

Centre aisle Con’s sliced cold meat display is tempting. Top-selling line is single-smoked bacon rashers $7.95 kg. The Savvas family food history goes back three generations and they began as traders from Greece to Turkey.


Just arrived in Australia, Cazelle de Saint Affrique is a sheep milk white-mould cheese made in the perfect size for two. The straw aroma introduces a nutty and earthy taste. Smelly Cheese $11.95 ea.


Freshly made linguini, spaghetti, fettuccini, gnocchi and lasagna sheets $14 kg from Lucia’s. Gluten free also available.


Tunisian Brick Pastry - Feuilles de brick means ‘leaves for bricks’ and bricks are the fried, filled pastries found in Tunisia, Morocco and the Middle Eastern countries. The paper thin wheat pastry is best used for savoury fillings (see website for recipe) and are quick and easy for a weeknight. Jagger Stall..

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