Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Market Watch #5

From 7.30am its the smell of bacon and coffee that fills the Central Market . No wonder..put your hands together for Barossa Fine Foods, winners of the prestigious ‘Best Bacon In Australia Award 2011” Three generations of gastronomic wizardry, three days of redwood and beechwood cold smoking result in this sweet salty caramel flavored bacon. Outstanding.

Fruit and Veg

Its official, bananas are expensive now selling at $8-$10 kg.

Rain, however has been kind to most vegetables and the grapes, but damaging to beans and celery. Expect higher prices. Tomato, zucchini and cucumber prices are creeping up as the end of season dawns. Capsicums and peppers are hot to trot.

New crop bunch-lines such as swedes, turnips, beetroots and carrots are fresh and snappy.

The supermodel of green leafy vegetables, chicory has also arrived. Look for the darker leaves.

Organic blackberries from Ashton are at McMahons, S47/48. Ruby red blood plums are similar to the satsuma but some say better for jam and available at Thompson Bros, S26/27

Best Asian vegies now are variegated watercress $2 bunch, Perilla, known as japanese basil or shiso add sharpness to fish and tofu dishes. Add garlic chive stalks and flowers to your stir-frys $3, Lien Heng Stall W47


Meat Braising stretches the dollar further. Use ham hocks at $6kg and bacon bones $3kg from Tony O’Connell, GR47/49. Try the wild rabbits from Penola available at Wild Oz for $9.99 kg. S55


Sour dough bread from Dough, S45. This artisan bread is made using a 4-year old starting culture fermented using Coonawarra grape skins. Named Le Grande Pain, the bread is made with Rye or white rye flour and sold by the kg

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