Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Market Watch 1- 15/2/11 published Taste, Advertiser, News Limited, SA

Adelaide’s cool summer has lengthened the stone fruit season but early winter fruit is already on the way.

Premium ripe Arctic Queen white nectarines from Montacute Valley are a standout, bursting with juice. Riverland stone fruit have been hit hard by rain. Expect these prices to rise.
Continuing low prices for bananas reflect supply from NSW rather than Yasi-affected Queensland.
We are seeing the last of the Adelaide Hills Pink Ladys and the first of the new season unwaxed Riverland Royal Galas - crunchy and sweet at $5.99kg.
The season has also been friendly to local vegetable farmers with summer staples like cauliflowers, beetroot, broccoli, capsicum and cucumbers all at top quality and good supply. The capsicum family is showing it’s true colours with sweet bull horn peppers, banana capsicums and soon to arrive pimentos
Try the delicious purple jester potatoes in a salad and the new gold finger variety for the best crunch in a roast.
South East SA lamb farmers are restocking and their highest quality is available now. SA pork the best value buy. Buy it on the bone (under $6kg) for the best roasting flavour.

House of Health, Stall 73 new Adelaide Hills raw unprocessed Jellybush honey is a superb buy at under $9 kg. The Jellybush has a rich caramel palate and anti-microbial benefit.

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