Wednesday, 3 August 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch #24

Fruit and Veg

The best pound-for-pound spud in the market is the Royal Blue. The season is now, so get roasting and chipping - $4.99kg. Remember with chips, blanch first, dry, test your oil for heat, and fry twice.
The last of the organic and tender-shoot broccolini $3.99kg both from House or Organics S34/35.
The Imperial Mandarin season (the mandarin with the thin skin), is ending, now $2 kg at S53. Next comes the Amigo, which is easy to peel, and has a good balance of acid and sugar.   Buy strawberries now and eat them with every meal. 1/2 kg punnets are $4 at Michael's S13.
Greensides,S56, has the sweet Lady Finger bananas back for $9.99kg and passionfruit are four for $2.

Meat and Poultry
Vegas Poultry S62, ‘Flavours of the World’ tastings this month are Argentinian chimichurri and Greek yiros-spiced, chicken chops both $13.99kg. Pork belly is in demand from TV chefs, so try it yourself. From Tony O'Connell GR47/49, $8kg. Racks of pork, $10kg and lean shoulder pork mince for spring rolls and dim sims $7kg.

Smelly Cheese, S44, has a great, melting cheese to go on toast, potatoes, cauliflower and anything else you love grilled. Chimay, washed-rind with beer and aged for twelve weeks, has been made by Trappist monks in Belgium since 1876. $68.95kg

Take home croissants for non-market days. Breadz-n-More, S43, makes butter croissants four for $7, almond croissants are two for $7 and sticky-sweet snails $3 each. Dough, S45, pure butter $2.50 each and almond $3.95 each.

Sevenhill Fine Foods, S75,  has the most diverse product range in the market. Crossing the boundaries of Europe and keeping culinary tradition at its heart, Sevenhill stall is the mecca for the hard to find ingredient. Start with the gingerbread range. Jam-filled, coated in german chocolate or with a honey glaze, all moreish. Try a jar of the Sorrel paste for Polish soup – szczawiowa (sorrel soup), is served with a hard-boiled egg garnish, rice or croutons. $3 serves four.

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