Thursday, 14 July 2011

Adelaide Central Market Watch #21

Fruit & Veg

Chefs go mad for it. Although not much to look at, celeriac is the perfect winter veggie for soups and for adding to potato for mash. It tastes like celery and parsley and is spicy when raw in salads. $3.99 each at the House of Organics S34/35.
Thompsons, S26/27, is always great on price and quality. Go for mandarins $3kg, Packham pears $2.50, large avocados $1 each, broccoli $2.50kg and whole cabbage $2.80 each. Cocos, S20/21 is famed for exotic tropical fruits. Jackfruit, from the mulberry family, has been cultivated for 6,000 years. It is best for cooking in a curry while still green. When ripe, it takes on the heady, sweet flavours of mango, peach, strawberry and lime and is eaten raw. At $9.95kg, it is the same price as green papaya. Green Monkey bananas are $16.95kg. Pomelos from Renmark are $9.95kg - the rind can be added to marmalade. The last of the Aussie grapes are the red seedless Robinvales for $7.99kg from Aubergine, S57. The US imports are still available.

Taldy-Kurghan, S3, named after an abolished Kazakhstan region, is owned and operated by Beijing couple Teo and Wallace.... The cuisine is simple and fulfilling. Try 'Bigos', the hunter’s stew, made with lean pork, mashed potato and cabbage for $8.50 or the signature 'piroshki' $3 each.

Sevenhill Fine Foods, S75, has terrific prices this week on European mayos and mustard. Dijonnaise whole-grain mustard 335gm is $2, and Hellman’s whole egg mayo 400gm for $4.95. Bet you can't resist the orange-zest, sugar-coated ‘Pączki’ jam donut $1.70 each. Smelly Cheese S44, has the new Woodside goat milk, 'Manon'. Wrapped in vine leaf, spiced with garlic and pepper; just serve on a good bread. $9.95 each

Barossa Fine Foods, S60, has won the 2011 national award for ham on the bone. $11.99kg. O'Connells best buys are grain-fed beef for roasting and cut to size, $9 kg. Meaty beef ribs are $9.99kg.

Antonio Marino comes from Chieti, in the Abruzzio region of Italy. Three generations have followed and together the family has developed the mouthwatering range that is San Marino Smallgoods, at 52 Gouger St. The must-try prosciutto at $44.95kg is cured over 15 months and best selling sausages are olive and pancetta and pork and fennel, 'porchetta' both $13.50kg.

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