Wednesday, 25 May 2011

#Adelaide Central Market Watch #14

Fruit and Veg

Non-exploding seedless watermelons from Northern Territory are delicious and safe to eat, from many vendors. Le Fruit ST 16/17 is selling them at $3.99kg along with carrots $1.99kg and stringless beans $3.99 kg. Seek out Bill from House of Organics - his knowledge of how our locally grown produce is grown is extensive. Bill tells me that this week wholesalers are getting good prices interstate, which shortens supply in SA and raises prices. His word is ''Navel oranges are here but the best is yet to come as the fruit flavour deepens the longer it stays in the sun". Aubergine ST57 has great prices on local produce this week. Kingston on Murray sweet corn $1 each, Pinnaroo Coliban potatoes $2.49 kg, beetroot bunches and good-sized cauliflower from Virginia both $3.50 each and half kilo punnets of Mt Barker strawberries $5 each. Rockmelon supply is running low but the Brassicaceae are in full bloom. Cruciferous food plants such as cabbages, broccoli, watercress, and Brussels sprouts are perfect now.

Meat, Poultry and Seafood.

Go to Samtass for oysters from Smoky Bay on the Eyre Peninsula. These oysters have a flavour explosion for $12.90 doz. Ricardo, grandson of Tony Marino the butcher, has created the new Fellino salami. Made of pure pork, salt and whole black peppercorns - the taste is fantastic at $29.50 kg Gouger St 52/54. Go to Feast Fine Foods S15, for boneless lamb loin, easy-carve roast. The Dorper lamb from Spear Creek in the Flinders Ranges is herbaceous and tender - $34.95 kg.


So many special foods to write about in a small space, so salt, essential to life and one of the oldest seasonings on earth, is my pick this week. First time in the Market ever is 10kg bricks of Himalayan rock salt. Pakistani Pink salt bricks can be used for sautéing, grilling and chilling, curing, baking, salting, plating, bathing, and contemplating. Mined from Precambrian deposits, the bricks are beautiful to hold, to look at and take your cooking skills to the next level. Jagger Fine Foods has the ultimate selection of salt including the bricks, as does Lucia's Fine Foods.

The salt from top, clockwise, Sichuan salt and pepper (1 part sichuan pepper 3 parts maldon sea salt, roasted and ground), Black sea salt ($7/ 100g, has activated charcoal added, from Cypress), Murray River pink salt flakes ($8.60 250g box), black salt (Herbies $4.20 40g, black in its rock form it is pink when ground, used in Indian cooking), Flor de Sal with oven roasted kalamata olives (from Spain, delicious in all Mediterranean cooking esp, tomato/ buffalo mozzarella salad is $24 150g), Maldon sea salt ($9.20/ 240g), Sel de Guerande ( French grey sea salt, $6.20 100g).

Middle, smoked sea salt, ($7 150g, really good on all meats for a chargrilled smokey flavour). There is more salt info from Lucy's blog.

Thanks Lucy from Jagger Fine Foods for the salt photos and info

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