Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Adelaide Central Market Food Watch #13

 The Baby Romas are tiny but wow - they pack a punch of sweetness.

Navel oranges are coming in now, with Barmera 3 kg bags for $4.99 and Qld mandarins are $3.99 kg from McMahons St 47/48.

Local mandarins will be ready for market in June. Our cool climate is causing upward price

creep on cauliflowers and a shortage in local strawberries. Thompsons at St 26/27 has parsnips

$5.50kg, turnips and swedes $4kg and brussels sprouts $2.50 for 400gms. ‘Tis the season for

cabbage so try the savoy, famed for minestrone or stuffed with rice.

Meat and Poultry

Go to Wild Oz for wild rabbits for $13kg and to O’Connells for beechwood-smoked, no fat no waste,

eye bacon for $11.99kg. Also fresh whole 1.5kg chickens are $6 each or the same chickens are redgum –smoked for $7each. Murphy’s Crossing 700g free-range eggs, produced in Wasleys SA, are $3.99 from House of Health St72.


With cabbages so good, try the fresh, barrel-fermented, Polish sauerkraut ‘kiszona kapusta’ from

Sevenhill Fine Foods ST75 and on special there Pfeffernüsse biscuits. The name translates to

‘pepper nuts’ in German, Danish and Dutch, describing their spicy taste. 2 packs for $5.

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