Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Market Watch #8 Published Advertiser 6.4.11

Easter preparation is in full swing and many traditions are on show at the ACM. An international range of chocolate eggs, mice and bilbies is available. Then there are hot-cross buns made by local and interstate bakers, bunches of flowering Easter daisies and fresh chestnuts. Easter is also the time for lamb on the spit, tsoureki (Greek Easter bread), colomba (Italian Easter bread, see Special), barszcz biały or żur (white borsch from Poland), baccala (salt cod) and seafood.

Fruit and Veg

She’s all apples this week. New season Fuji are in at $2.99kg. Little Johnnies are the perfect size for baking and Pink Ladys are on the way. Bananas are getting tough to get and prices range between $6.99 and $14 kg. Tasmanian beans have the crunch $3.99kg, pumpkin $1.99kg and perfect cauliflower $4.50 each. Avocados are four for $3, asparagus $2.50 bunch. Ribier grapes are becoming popular $5.99 kg and Santa Rosa plums are still in at $3.99kg. Overcast weather is playing havoc with strawberries, slowing the ripening and raising the price for premium quality.

Meat and Poultry

Cold weather signals time for slow roasting. Best cuts are shoulder lamb $11.99kg, South East SA beef rump $9kg and Vegas Stall 62 certified organic chickens $14.99. Barossa Fine Foods now has its Easter-only, Canadian maple and cinnamon-cured and smoked bacon rashers for $6 pack.


Colomba di Pasqua, ‘Easter Dove’, the Italian Easter version of panettone, is shaped like a dove. The sweetened dough contains candied peel and is topped with pearl sugar and almonds. Lucia’s Fine Foods. From $28. Buona Pasqua!

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